101 reasons why to use Puppy Linux

I compiled a list of 101 reasons to start using Puppy Linux today. Spread the word about Puppy Linux.

  1. Ultimate anti-boss mode – I thought I would start off with an attention getter, even if it is less than noble. You can run PuppyLinux on your work computer and no one will ever know. Maybe I even wrote this post at work. Puppy loads into RAM and no key-loggers or Network Administrators can track what you do. For example, I have not taken a lunch in three months and now that it is a little slow, I can blog a bit at work guilelessly and low probability of getting caught. Unless my boss reads this. I even work on my resume, as I am overworked here.
  2. Puppy Linux is fast – Actually I have yet to find an OS faster and more practical. It is the best OS in the world. Since the programs load into RAM on start up, large operations and programs execute in a blink of an eye, almost instantaneously. Time is money and ‘the stuff life is made of’ (Benjamin Franklin), do not waste it, use PuppyLinux.
  3. PuppyLinux as the ultimate dating and love tool – It guards against girlfriend or boyfriend tracking you I am happily married and my life is an open book to my wife who I will be with for all the days of my life. However, if you are not married all is fair in love and war. I am 100% loyal in marriage. However,  for single people, there is no harm in keeping your options open until she has a ring on her figure. I know so many people who get married because it is the best they can do. Get married to the person who you can not life without. If the person you are dating now is not that person. Crank up PuppyLinux and go on some online dating sites. He or she will never know. Emails will not be read, nothing. There will be no evidence you are on the market. I believe in love, use PuppyLinux to find your right spouse in life.
  4. Online banking and security – Logging into your bank or online broker is a risk, unless you are using PuppyLinux.
  5. Good if you travel – If you are on the road and security is a factor using public computers or Internet cafes just put your OS in your system and log on knowing you can not be hacked.
  6. Does a carpenter have ads and trials on his hammer? – No bloat or junk ware installed from third parties. I buy a new computer I do not need special deals flashing limited edition software with an upgrade enticements. Yes I know everyone has to make money, but a computer is my tool. Can you imagine if a carpenter bought a hammer and it was bloated with ads.
  7. Puppy Linux is Green – less power use, extends the life of old computers.
  8. Good for charity – Take those old computers out of your closet, load PuppyLinux with a USB and give it to some kid that can not afford a computer.
  9. Rescue data and destroyed computers – Computer failed, or data lost, windows does not boot, no problem, PuppyLinux to the rescue. Even if your hard rive crashes Puppy will work. You can download a copy of Windows and burn it if you really want to.
  10. Fun – I do not know why, I just walk with an extra bounce in my step when I have been using PuppyLinux, try it and you will see how it will turn into a joyful obsession.
  11. Start up and shutdown takes seconds – Further, once you are on, you will not want to shut it down. When I see that cute doggy icon on my screen it I know load time is seconds a way.
  12. Windows and Mac are more complicated – Although Windows and Macs are initially user friendly, paradoxically they are massive programs with complexities that run deep once you run into trouble you are in deep water my friend. Puppy in contrast is only a little over 100 MB and is based on simplicity down to the bones.
  13. It works.
  14. Does not automatically connect to the Hard Drive (mount) – Therefore this decreases the risk for bugs, corruptions and viruses. It is better not to mount initially (get your minds out of the gutter).
  15. RAM based – Therefore, it disappears except the save files ( if needed) from the computer in thin air without a trace. But also on an old junk of a computer it will run faster than the latest machine at BestBuy.
  16. Girls like guys who use PuppyLinux – OK maybe not statically proven but there is a cool factor.
  17. Loaded with Wizards – Think Gandalf, Wizards help good people. Many people think changing OS is hard, but at this point in development Puppy has so many Wizards that installation is all set in minutes. Actually if you get a refined version (known as puplets) like MacPup it is good to go out of the box. Quirky, Racy (for new computers) and Wary (for old computers) work out of the box but sometimes you might have to instal programs like java if you need to use this.
  18. Good for your CV – Put it on your resume, you know geeky Linux things looks good people will know you are a geek and at the next level.
  19. Constantly ranking in the top ten at Distrowatch – so if so many people enjoy it there must be a reason.
  20. Over nine years old – If an OS has been running that long with a following it is here to stay, Linux is over thirty years.
  21. I have been frustrated by other versions of Linux – In contrast, I have never had a really bad experience with PuppyLinux.
  22. Puppy likes Pupplets – Take a snapshot at anytime of your current configuration and save it as a new release of PuppyLinux. Of course if you want to make it truly unique you have to customizes not only the art but the functionality at its core with Woof or Bones two tools to create Pupplets.
  23. Windows manager – The user interface you have a lot of choice. JWM, or IceWM desktop, Fluxbox, and my favorite is Enlightenment
  24. Run a business off of it – I know companies spend a lot of licenses and I know others that use illegal software. But the bottom line is you can run almost any company with the software at hand. I have worked in IT and Accounting for years in major corporations and Puppy Linux can do it and with good security. With the exception of some proprietary software that can not be run on Wine. But I have to really question why you need that software anyway.
  25. LibreOffice writer loads faster – Any program including Microsoft Word on Windows 8 or any of the office products for that matter loads faster.
  26. Battery life last several times longer than a PC or Mac – I have had computer batteries on their last leg, yet if I use PuppyLinux, I can take my laptop to bed and watch a full movie.
  27. Good for your brain – Everything is easy, but still you have to learn a bit and this is good for your brain. Your mind will stretch and build new circuits.
  28. Benchmark it – You will find PuppyLinux faster than your favorite OS. Considering the amount of time you spend online why, waste so much time each day.
  29. Start your kids out right – Teach them the virtues of frugality and improvising.
  30. One click is better than two – Of course on Windows and Linux you can adjust this but the default is one click. Once you get in the habit of single clicking to open applications for example, you will feel it is clunky to double-click.
  31. Easy Internationalization – I moved from the USA to Poland and back to America and traveling around Europe never had a problem with fonts and typing in different languages.
  32. Can load when your OS fails – This goes beyond the rescue disk idea. It is the simple idea that if your computer fails Puppy does not. Hard to explain you just have to see what I mean.
  33. USB or Pen drive OS can be worn around your neck with a funny animal caricature – And you are the cool nerd like in Big bang theory.
  34. USB sticks are cheap – you can go to WalMart or BigLots and get 8gigs for a few dollars.
  35. Bill Gates likes Puppy Linux
  36. Bye-Bye propriety software – Do not have to buy Office or other proprietary software like PhotoShop that costs a fortune. No more need for illegal downloads, you can have a clean conscious.
  37. More stable – No more Blue Screens and the black screes of death.
  38. Software is all legal – So there is no guilt.
  39. Chat programs are consolidated in a single program – Yes it comes with some special chat programs that are universal and can consolidate into one. Less is more.
  40. Work spaces instead of Windows – Try them you will like them.
  41. A lot of free eye candy – Linux generally just looks better.
  42. Puppy Linux increases your IQ – Let me explain – There is a Puppy Arcade which allows you to play all the retro arcade games, which are good for building elementary cognitive processes and increase your IQ.
  43. All you really need to conquer the world – Technologically is BrowerLinux a derivative of Puppy Linux or MijnPup if you want Libre Writer and Calc.
  44. Fatdog – Is a true 64 bit version for modern computers so it is a myth that Puppy is for old dogs.
  45. MetroPup – Gives you a Windows 8 feel without spending the cash.
  46. PupCrppt – Looking to make your experiences even more anonymous?
  47. If you like Mac – You will love Macpup.
  48. Does not track – PuppyLinux does not leave tracks.
  49. Make your own operating system – It is about time I do. With the tools from provided by Barry Kauler such as official woof builder.
  50. Flexibility – You can install selected applications or the whole suite.
  51. Multitasking – things like large print jobs will not slow your other tasks.
  52. You do not need to install this on your hard rive – in fact it is recommended you do not. That is freedom and choice.
  53. Open Source – I like the ideas that when a community works on it, it comes out better.
  54. You do not need to accept a score of agreements – before you instal something.
  55. Advantages of Puppy Linux over Windows 8 – cost, speed, flexibility, cool factor. Windows is like the old cars of the 1950s. A lot would change in terms of style with the release of the new model, and even some new features but the advantages and disadvantages of the line would stay the same.
  56. I like the sound of the name – PuppyLinux, I use PuppyLinux. All the annoying fast talking people who say “I have a Mac, do you have a mac, of you should get a Mac” with inflection. You just slowly and clearly say, “PuppyLinux”. It is faster and free and more secure. It is the next level of cool.
  57. PuppyLinux is evolving – it is not static and outdated but it is exciting to watch and track its development. There are always pupplets and creative minds working to improve this out of the goodness of their heart and real imagination. The human race is evolving as such, some people
  58. Secure for online banking investing.
  59. Work like a spy – The US defense department uses a Ram based program for internal security.
  60. Different browser like SeaMonckey and Midori
  61. Recover data lost when Windows fails
  62. It will make your richer. I know I mentioned the cost but think of it this way the amount of money you spend on brand name software and upgrades (Windows 8) and new machines that will be slower than your Pup. You could buy a trip to Europe. How does this change your life? I met my wife in Europe. But that point aside, people who spend money on experiences make more than those who spend money on things. So instead of new machines and software, take a trip to Europe and experience life.
  63. Nice mascot or icons, who does not log puppies.
  64. Many derivatives like the elegant Mac Pup or the fast Browser Linux.
  65. Build your own version from bear bones with a tool. Puppy Linux is all about customization.
  66. Community
  67. The whole world wants to install something – on your Windows OS, they are aimed at targeting Windows for junk accumulation on your computer.
  68. Free software
  69. No viruses do not have to purchase or bloat your machine with ant-virus software
  70. Languages and fonts – in your language are supported and easy to use
  71. Free games – Lots of retro games and new games, I like FreeCiv.
  72. Kid friendly – Linux has always been known for its educational software with the friendly penguins.
  73. No spy ware.
  74. Do not have ‘not responding’ – and need to restart your computer
  75. Unlimited and free technical support – with a community that cares
  76. Cleaner look – more artistic designs
  77. Does not decrease with speed over time
  78. Are you tried yet of Windows automatic updates and patches
  79. Community is helpful – Its like being in a club, with no secret handshakes. I have always found good support.
  80. Looks good on your resume –
  81. This is applicable to Linux in general – the artwork is beautiful. Windows has some nice nature screen savers but Linux distros have dazzling art.
  82. Enjoy your bad habits online without being tracked – For example, I have a chess addition. I love online chess and have spend up to 14 hours in one stretch playing chess. I have since given it up. But I would boot up puppy Linux and as long as they did not directly see me, know one in my house would not. Maybe a poor example as I am pretty innocent but some guys like fantasy football etc. All this can not be tracked unless at the Internet service provider.
  83. The picture imagines seem clearer on the photo – view, it might be my imagination.
  84. More choice – in look and feel
  85. You do not have to run utilities – like disk defray and registry cleaner to get performance
  86. Do not worry about drivers
  87. Freedom
  88. Linux is now on par with Windows in terms of programs – I have not used Microsoft Office in years, unless I have to at the office for example. I use free photo editors, browsers, e-mail client.
  89. More stable system – It does not crash nor do I get ‘not responding’.
  90. Skills are honed and your brain becomes more diverse – Self Improvement
  91. Be different – I think people like self differentiation, it is something in our psychology, more pronounced in adolescence but still in adulthood we want to stand out from the herd. Here is your chance. Be a maverick use Puppy Linux.
  92. No Cost – You know, free as in free beer.
  93. Faster Internet searches – Pages just seem to load faster. I have not done extensive search test but when I load a bloated page like ‘Huntington Post’ for example, PuppyLinux loads pages faster than my Windows 7 OS.
  94. Good for charity – You can donate old computers and they can be given to the needy for learning and operating computers.
  95. No need for performance stealing protection software.
  96. Beautiful screens and art. –
  97. Easy to delete unused programs. Unlike Windows it clogs your registry, Puppy just take programs and deletes them.
  98. Moves files faster than anything I have experienced in Windows. If I am moving major gigabyte to external hard drives as backup, it can take hours in Windows. However, in Puppy a fraction of the time.
  99. Less distraction – With colorful icons and such that can not be make more utilitarian with a mac and to some extent Windows is moving to more distraction. Not so with this Pen drive is. You will be less distracted and get more done.
  100. Chat support – I could not believe it once set up there was a special chat for users and people were giving me support. This is beyond the forum.
  101. Printers, drivers Wifi are all found seamlessly.
  102. Introduced to new ideas and ways to use software like Dillo web browser (less is more). I would never have played around with this if I just used Windows or a Mac.
  103. The creator of PuppyLinux Barry Kauler is cool and created Puppy as a labor of love. If the guy who created it interesting then you know the software will be.

There is ultimately no good reason not to make this a happy peaceful Puppy Linux world.

Puppy Linux advantage
Compared to any other OS, Puppy Linux wins on quantifiable and qualitative grounds.

If you have more reasons add them below in the comments. There are of course more reasons why to use Puppy Linux, but this is a start. Thank you Puppy Linux community.

How Puppy Linux can save your life

Puppy is a Linux Operating system (debatable) – how can it save your life?  I am not talking about helping you restore you computer, mind you but you. It can save you or help you personally like it did me. Let me tell you a story.

Puppy Linux save help
Puppy Linux is a super hero. I am thankful for the community for developing this program that helped me though a rough time.

How Puppy Linux helped me back to life

Back in 2010 I was living in Europe as an expat and one afternoon I had an unfortunate encounter with some local drinking guy. The local police and even the us embassy had a lackluster response to say the least. To make a long story short after a week in the hospital and a year plus of recovery I learned a lot

About patience. Patience in letting life heal me.

In my healing, I needed to find something that was fun, not work and mentally challenging. PuppyLinux was what I found. PuppyLinux was something that would give me a tool that when I returned to health, it also had the side benefit of utility that would jet pack me to the next level of computing. With Puppy Linux I could play and not feel I was wasting my time. Also something good for me ego.

What can Puppy Linux can give you?

Any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone who can not afford the top of the line computer, does not need to spend money. Take your oldest computer from the closet and use Puppyllinux and it will be better than any high priced computer. If you do not have one, buy something used.  I have a $3,000 Mac and I use PuppyLinux more.

What did Puppy Linux give me?

  • UberGeek factor – I know all this sounds trivial, but in using the computer. Something that would give me the feeling in an innocent way that I was a super geek, you know on par with the guys you see featured in the big bang theory. So it helped my ego after all this trauma.
  • Speed – Why buy a Mac? Why get Windows 8, I already know that Puppy Linux will be faster. You can take the most powerful Mac computer in the world, and it will not load an application as fast as Puppy Linux.
  • Great security – A company I work for just got their credit card stolen. I am sure it would not have happened if they use Puppy Linux for online banking like I do.
  • I would never have to really buy a computer again – unless I really wanted to. I could use Puppy Linux and not have have to keep up to the latest and greatest gadget that comes out because Puppy is always being updated. The anticipation creates the same human emotions as when the next Mac comes out but cost me a lot less. Plus Puppy Linux loads faster and is more secure than a Mac computer.
  • Cool Alternative software – Even if I am not using PuppyLinux I have been introduced to an array of useful software that can be used in the Windows environment. For example, why use Office when there is LibreOffice, or AbiSoft or Gunmaric. Puppy allows you to use GIMP which will load fast without spending a fortune on Photoshop.
  • It made me more cloud oriented – I believe almost everything now days can be done with the browser of your choice and LibreOffice. Now Puppy Linux comes with all the any program you can imagine mind you. For example, you can use Pinta, a Paint.net clone, or Gimp a Photoshop replacement or mypaint which is a Beautiful Linux free hand drawing program, but you do not even need to when there are websites like Pixlr. I basically clean off my Puppy desktop and install and use a browser.

It gave meet something to play with all summer while I was laying on my sofa recovering. Something that was not work, yet productive. So I am thankful I found Puppy Linux.

So in a sense Puppy Linux was one of the things that saved my life.


CAMRA consultant

My name is Mark Biernat and I am an expert level CAMRA consultant. If you would like to hire me for a CAMRA implementation, or project management connected to a CAMRA, Crystal reports, Investment Accounting, process improvement.

  • Please write me at: CAMRA consultant contact
  • My resume is here : CAMRA Consultant resume
  • My rate for both consulting and project management is relatively cheap for the role: $70/hr no middleman or fees for investment accounting and trading systems consulting.
investment accounting CAMRA consultant
Mark Biernat living in historic St. Augustine – CAMRA investment accounting system conversion consultant.

I was a consult at SS&C technologies, and the hired by a client to Investment accounting department for a large Insurance company with ten billion dollars of assets under management. I have worked with CAMRA, PFS and every type of investment accounting, back office and trading front end. I have done complex system integrations with time constrains and data purification.

If you are looking for a PAM PFI consultant, also I do data conversions with Princeton Financial – State Street Software and Blackrock Aladdin. These front to back systems keep the back office, regulatory and reporting numbers in line.

Since that time I have been a freelance consultant in IT as my life (actually my wife) moved me to Europe, and now I am back in the USA with my family consulting. I am based in St. Augustine, Florida and will travel anywhere.

What is CAMRA?

It is an investment accounting software program that insurance and financial companies use to keep track of their back office activities. It is software that is written by SS&C – investment accounting software company.

This includes GAAP, STAT, TAX and other bases, investment trading analysis and analytical reporting.  I have even used European and custom basis for accounting; the latter being useful for mergers, spin off and other accounting situations you see in the real world of asset management.

CAMRA review

How does Securities software and consulting software and products compare with other back office systems out there?

I believe they are the best. I have use every software out there from PFS to homegrown systems based on Excel and SQL.  I think SS&C products are superior products hands down. I have used them myself for years and have not found one situation they could not handle. What does anyone use investment accounting software? I could go into more detail but, it is mostly about calculating book values on Fixed income assets but also other securities like equities and MBS as well as derivatives.

  • If I personally ran a fund or Insurance company I would use SS&C. Ask me questions if you have any regarding any financial software or investment products.
  • I ran a back office with ten Billion dollars under management and my first choose was SS&C.
  • CAMRA has front end trading interface capabilities as well as custom reporting. Portfolio managers find it easy to use to track their asset’s performance, investment compliance rule as well as other functionality.
  • Mergers, spin offs and system conversions can be handled in CAMRA by running parallel.
  • All regulatory reporting including Schedule Ds can be handled with ease with standard reports

Complete Asset Management Reporting and Analytic software was set up by a visionary entrepreneur Bill Stone and  who is actively involved in the company while it is currently run by Norm Boulanger.

If you would like to hire me for a project, please write I can transform your company into an efficient front and back office for accounting and trading. I am a duel US and EU citizen so I can work anywhere in Europe and the USA (and yes CAMRA can handle multi-currency).

Am I good with IT? From all the CAMRA consultants out there, and investment accounting and GAAP freelance experts and companies (consulting and proprietary software firms) out there you found this page did you not?







WordPress dating

Do you want to transform your WordPress site into a dating website? This post will give you ideas how. I worked at some European dating websites that brought in a boat load of money. The reason they succeeded is they started in 2001.  I wanted to start a dating site myself, using WordPress. My rational was a lot has changed and if I could in a clever way leverage WP, I thought I could make headway and achieve market penetration in this overcrowded niche. Therefore, I started to test and experiment what the best options are for WordPress dating. This is what my research has come up with. I found the options are:

  • WordPress dating plugin
  • WordPress dating themes and premium themes
  • Social media dating, classified dating , forums – all extensions of WordPress
  • Making my own home grown system through a WP blog, extended with enlarged Gravatar, a personal page, search feature and connections to Facebook.
  • Other CMS systems
  • Non-WordPress open source dating scripts

Why use WordPress as a dating site? WP is trusted and easy to use, chances are you know it pretty well. It can be SEO friendly and a good platform to market with.  So if you could flip a switch and make it a dating site why not?

Why create a dating website? Besides money there is a human reason. We have all been there. Most of us have tried dating sites like match.com. I am a big believer that good things can happen online.

Here is a funny story how things have changed. Around 2003, I one time told my mother that I meet a girl on a dating site, she said ‘oh really’.  Yes, I told her our first rendezvous was at gas station of the Interstate (I was joking to emphasis how shadey the notion of online dating was). She rolled her eyes. Today, dating sites are the way professionals meet these days. I would recommend something like religious dating sites as I think they have the most success in finding real love.

I met my wife in person, not online. But I still think the idea of helping others meet is not bad. Now I think it is all about niche websites as the big players dominate the general field.

wordpress dating
I meet my beautiful wife in real life, not online. I do not consider myself extraordinarily lucky, but it was destiny.

Here is what I found out:

WordPress plugin

There are two WordPress dating site plugin. The one most people look at is wordpressdating.com. My recommendation is do not use it.

  • The problem is it does not look like it has been updated for years.  There is no real contact information on their site.  I don’t know anybody, nor have I seen any site, that runs from this WordPress dating platform. Why chance it?
  • Update: I did find a plugin datingsolutions.biz, I have communicated with the author Christian Davis and he was helpful and detailed in his explanation, nice designer mind you.   I do feel the add-on has value like any social or online meeting plugin-in  you add to your site, if you know how to bring people together and market (that is the real trick).  I have bought other proprietary WordPress extensions in the repository and had good success, the WP community is usually pretty positive.

WordPress dating themes

  • There are a few website that create dating themes. This looks a little better, more update. The problem is they are not WordPress. They trick you in the search by having keywords like templates + WordPress in the small print but they are not WP.  You can demo a few which I like. Another  problem with that is I know a lot about SEO. If you want a dating site to rank you need to write a pretty good darn theme code wise. In my review of these dating site themes they are only modest in terms of SEO.
  • I would  rule these out, they look spammy and are not run off WP.  One example is vldpersonals.com which has a lot of websites selling and reselling these templates.

Social networking platform

  • BuddyPress – Good set up, but not too sexy. You need a lot of customization to make it look tempting for people, the 2012 theme will not fly. Will work with most themes if you install and extra plugin for theme conversation.
  • Mingle – More user-friendly and compatible but not a mainstream core WordPress sponsored system like BuddyPress. I have a concern what if I build a site based on it and it and the developer will someday abandon the project.  But I like it because it is more compatible than BuddyPress with many themes. I ran into this issue when my Stallion theme did not work with BuddyPress or bbPress (works now).
  • Symposium – A professional look, but again like the other two it is more a social networking platform than a dating site. Has potential as it has chat and IM systems installed.  I thought why not base a site based on chat and video chat. However, did not AOL do this? Traditional dating sites are the best as people like to take their time.

Classified ads and forums as a dating site

  • You have heard of Craigslist dating, so why not a classified ad site run on WordPress? There are a plugin that can do this. I think the problem is you need to control spam and freaks. It is a big issue. It is more of a free for all classified then a well moderated niche dating site girls, and yes these are the ones you want signing up, would register on.
  • bbPress could be a dating site but it does not work with all themes and SEO is average. Update: I got to work with my favorite theme and bbPress is a real option for making WP a relationship CMS software. However, I still would like to try to make it work without bbPress as the code is only modestly SEO-ed.

Other CMS systems as a dating site

  • Joomla – they are all the same like WP in terms of options, you might as well stick with WP.

Using an open source dating script

You can pay 300 dollars for a professional dating site script or you can use an open source one for free. I prefer open source. Not a bad option, but still SEO is an issue. It is not easy to start a dating site. You need a lot of good content to get traffic to the profiles. I have not found a good free dating software that is really free.

You need to upload a number of profile initially to test and make it look like someone is using it as no one will register on an empty site. Dating site scripts do not give you any real advantage. I want WordPress to help rocket me to success.

My conclusion on WordPress dating plugins and themes

  • I am trying to modify the current highly SEO-ed theme slightly into a WP dating theme. This is where I am at. Gravatars a big part of this. For me, right now this might be the best option for WordPress dating. I do not have the end vision, but close.

If anyone has an idea or an easy way to make work less of a dating site let me know.  Again the problem is with any social networking for him or dating site is getting a critical number of members to make it active and self-sustaining. So what is the problem? No one wants to register these days. Further, privacy is a sensitive issue so you need a way to control this.Privacy is an issue and respecting this is hard to make happen if you do not require a lot of verification and areas that are not indexed by search engines.

I have tried, but have not been successful yet at creating something that is a WordPress dating site.  I need more time. I need to map it out better and will update this post when I get it to work. So it is a date. Stop back I your should see this updated soon with a successful conventional model.

It is not like simply creating a blog community and having people comment, without registration. I just need to brainstorm a little more. I am open for ideas and others to comment as I think this would be a great free contribution to the WP community.

Favicon and SEO – one signal

Favicon and Google algorithm change

How could this little icon 16 by 16 pixels matter for SEO and your ranking? You never know, it certainly makes your website look more professional. Remember the new mantra in search, if it is good for the end user it will probably good for positioning.

The Google Panda update has made me change in terms of the way I look at SEO. It took a lot of self-reflection to become aware that I approaching SEO too serious and not my users. It will take time to improve my websites. But here is one simple graphical idea I need to start with a favicon. As search algorithms become more refined subtle signals of quality are the way of the future. It is adding a little more of the tender loving care to your website that helps you stand out.

Google signals are more about details in the post Panda update world – One pet idea for example is maybe,  just maybe Google is paying more attention to style details, so as crazy as it sounds, could having a favicon.ico be a ranking factor for example.

  • Think about it, Google did focus groups for this algorithm change and how Google might develop signals based on design without getting into subjective things like colors.
  • These groups were people off the street, not techies. People would rank how much they trusted a website.
  • A simple thing like a favicon might be a thing spam sites do not use but real sites do.

Think about it how many scrapped sites and spam sites have this? None that I can think of.

How many real sites do?  I notice Matt Cutts’s favicon – a nice flashy one on his blog he has up there. Could this be a hint? Google employees can not say directly what is going on but some to hint at it and clever people can pick up on ideas.

Using something like a favicon, makes the user feel better generally to have one up on the site. It is one idea that I have not seen floating around the blogosphere and forums but I think might help the user if not you.

Google is gravitating towards a female mind – For years Google was a geek run shop, focusing on numbers and left brain equations. Now Google is trying to balance the yang with the yin. It is trying to do this for logical reasons. That is users are not just looking at what is one the page, but how the page looks.

My wife will sometimes ask ‘are you going to wear that shirt’? I ask ‘what is wrong with it’? Trust me women see details better than men. I get my best inspiration from females webmasters when it comes to making blogs look nicer.

The above is only a metaphor of course but one to consider. I now and starting to ask my wife and people I know about my website more and more and what sticks out about it in their mind.

It would not help the big websites on competitive terms as they all have this icon, but if yours does not why not put it up there? It goes up there with looking at spelling and sentence structure. Not for Google but for the users.

Further, like Michael Martinez from  SEO Theory (someone who I consider a good guy when it comes to SEO and understanding people’s struggle with this) has stated to think we know Panda is the pretense of knowledge. So do not scrap your whole website, just try to improve it slowly.

Over two hundreds factors – Not one signal but a chorus of voices will determine if your website makes noise or music. This is Google and other search engines today. I personally think the 200 signs of quality is a myth and the formula is more complicated.

Art favicon Search engine optimization
This is just a lame photo of a gas station near me, yet with free online tools you can make it a more interesting image. Anyone can be an artist and make their website look better with a little effort.

How to create a favicon to use on your website?

What would it hurt if you created one. So the three tools I recommend are GIMP, Pixlr and Cartoonize.

  • I use the program GIMP to simply save an icon to the 16 x 16 pixel size and save it as a .ico. Of course paint.net has a favicon plugin also. The you upload it to the root of your server. I am cheap and do not have Photoshop.
  • I also recommend Pixlr the new cloud version of Photoshop (not literally but I like it better).
  • Use cartoonize to make your icon more carton looking but not juvenile. Online it is free.

Let me know what you think of the idea of a favicon being a factor in search engine ranking.

Google Panda update – How to recover

I have done a lot of research on the Google Panda update and how to recover your rankings. It comes down to not more content but how your content is written linguistically to get people to stay on your site. If I would choose one thing to fix my websites, I would choose being a better writer.
Google is trying to weed out content farms, separating the wheat from the chaff. The way it is doing that is relying more on user interaction for and input from users but also looking at how content is analysed on the web as well at the how language used on the site in relation to SEO. That is search engines look at the structure of language and the brain.
There is something you can do to help your website rank higher after the farm update. But first lets look at what happened.

Google’s Panda Update

People started to complain about content farms. For example,  ehow.com. Large sites are the target if they farm out too much work or scrap content from other sites. Ironically eHow.com the scape goat, was affected the least for now.
But a question arose, just because it is a large content farm is it useful and good content? It is seems to be a target, however, some people like it and use it for its clarity.
True semantic search engine result with quality results is difficult to achieve as the web expands exponentially. Therefore the only way you can do this without losing the objectivity of the algorithm is with language analysis, that is how language is formed.
  • Search engines like DuckDuckgo.com simply manually adjust results and eliminate spam sites. This is one approach. However, Google takes a more right brain approach and do it through its formula.
What happened on a superficial level  with the Google search – To start Google’s Chrome browser has a new browser plugin. Google has put this in there as measure against content farms. Users vote down or block out sites (or competitors for the less scrupulous) and other sites, trusted quality sites rank higher.
Before you worry about manipulation, they assert their algorithm is not affected by this demand side measure but only confirmed.
What happened at a deeper level at Mountain View, CA – Messrs Singhal and Matt Cutts both have structured the update so the search results are looking for in-depth articles and compelling content to drive the search results, rather than armies of bloggers farming out content to anyone who can form sentences. They did this by looking at how language is structured (speculated). This is bringing the world’s greatest search engine closer to AI. It not only sees words but understand language in a way humans do or pretends to.

Why some people are rebelling against Google’s approach

The problem is as a linguist I know that content can be subjective as a quality measure. Think about your experience with writing papers in school. Language is evolving and varied from personal experience. If you try to systematize a language you reward a particular way of thinking.
Further, like with the localization and real-time results and keywords appearing as you type in the search box, Google tries to guess what you are thinking based on your profile. Many people do not like that.

What you can do to fix  your website in the SERPs after the Google Panda update

  • Write with lots of synonyms with the use of a thesaurus in a natural style, not stuffing keywords or SEO tricks. Do not be a content mill, quality not quantity.
  • The Title is the most important part of your post, then like an old fashion news paper the first paragraph and so on.
  • Writing longer posts with research.
  • Revise posts and add content to posts that have fallen this is key. Do not drop you lame posts, rather make them compelling. Make it so people stay on your site longer and do not bounce off.
  • Write with perfect grammar, spelling and sentence structure but in a natural way.
  • Write as if search engines do not exist and you are writing your boss at work a detailed analysis of a specific problem or a friend on a personal issue. That is, write more researched posts like you are writing for school or write natural and from the heart.
  • Learn to write in a more organized fashion, machine love structure, poets are not paid in any reality.

Lastly, do not panic. SEO is about keeping things honest and intelligent, improving your voice on the web and with time your website will be recognized (again).

More ways to regain position after Google Panda

  • add long tale comment titles
  • I will experiment with CSS menu on some sites
  • add length to old posts
  • improve website navigation with more places and reasons for people to stay on my site as now I am a minimalist and I noticed bloated sites like huffingtonpost.com get a lot of repeat visits
  • fewer ads
  • check people stealing content, I am finding more.
  • check outbound links, people say this is more important now
  • check miscellaneous  things like 404 and weird pages and errors and code on webmaster tools
  • continue to use my brain to explore new ideas
  • maybe still a wow introduction page

Update on the Panda update

Panda is still more of a mystery than solved. I think that is correct. Know one really knows what is going on, at least enough to effectuate change and recover.

One idea I had was Google has a greater lag time from the point you change your website and the SERPs change in response. This way people can not simple change and test until they figure out the variable that are most important in this update. Maybe not, but it is interesting that nobody can really recover.

I think your post is right on focusing on things like bounce rate, but also return visits. This is what I meant by build a site that people find without Google. If you have a large feed or people find you anyway, without Google, this is a sign you are a trusted site to Google and they will send you even more traffic. This is why eBay got more traffic and eHow less.

I use a simple WP theme on my site and it was hit by Panda. A few people I know have the same exact theme and set up, and they increased from Panda. Which leads me to conclude onsite traditional SEO is not as important.

One thing they did have is more of a community, than I.

Also maybe their writing style is different, like they targeted longer-tail keywords not popular searches.

Maybe simply the more unique your title is, it is a strong signal you are not a content farm that targets highly searched words. So if you are more of a poet than an SEO you will be rewarded.

I do have a pet theory (pure speculation),that might contribute to some decline on website. It is this: sites which have a lot of titles that correlate with exact matches (or close) on high searched keywords could have been effected. ehow.com for example built its empire highly searched keyword phrases like ‘how to SEO a website’ and this was usually the title of the post.
I had a lot of similar matches on my little site on Political Economy and it seemed to have taken hits on those pages that were matches.
Not of course that does not explain everything or maybe anything. It is just a theory and an observation.

These are some of my ideas.

If you have questions ask. Do you feel Google made things better or worst with the farm update?

Puppy Linux – the best operating system

The best operating system in the world is also the fastest – Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is the fastest and best OS in the world and my primary OS. It beats Windows, 7 and 10, by a mile, not to mentioned Macintosh OSX. This is a bold statement but I have a top of the line Mac and it is true. It also works great with netbooks and old computers as the requirements are small.

  • I have not had Windows installed on any of my computers for years. My whole family uses Linux and my artistic wife remarks, why would anyone not use Linux, it is stable and easy.

Currently I am using Slacko 6.3 version of Puppy Linux on my mobile computer.    On my home office and gaming computers I use Linux Mint.  The Mac I bought to do professional recording, but have since learned you can do it on Linux. I do not care if Windows is free, Puppy Linux is faster, more secure and stable.

Do want to accomplish more, have more free time, have fun working on your computer? I did and I do. You can work at light speed and be limitless with this a unusual OS that actually gives you free time because of its speed.

Puppy Linux operating system best
Why not use the most secure, fastest and most stable operating system in the world?

I created a short list of reasons you need to try this world-class operating system. It was not created by a large company, but my a visionary man, Barry Kauler, and gives he gives it to the world for free.

I have tried every version of Windows and most versions of Linux and played with Mac.

Why use Puppy Linux?

The reasons I use Puppy Linux are:

  • Speed. There is no faster OS on earth. Software programs load into your RAM and therefore open instantaneously. This results in increased productivity and efficiency and less aggravation. Hence, you have more free time and happiness.
  • Safety – I rarely chance connecting to the Internet with Windows. Why risk it? You could get all kinds of personal information stolen. Ignorance is bliss until you have someone steal important things. This means headaches. On the other hand, Puppy Linux is perfect for online banking. Strong security as nothing is stored on your hard drive unless you set it to. Therefore, Puppy Linux is the safest operating system you can get.
  • Compatibility – I do pretty heavy-duty design and business work on Puppy. There is nothing that I can do with Windows that I can not do with Puppy Linux. No program that Linux does not now have something equal or better. It is a bold claim and even 3 years ago it could not be made, but not, it is reality.
  • Easy of use – I find it easier than Windows. The install take about five minutes and in 30 minutes fully customized, but you can use it in 5. No need to look for drivers or other things, Puppy does it for you. It does everything from printers to video card with a set up wizard. You might have to get use to where things are, but this is pretty easy. Remember when you learned Windows, how awkward everything was, it is good for your brain to learn a little. However, the newest versions are so close to windows it is not a problem. There are many tutorials and videos that make Puppy easy to learn.
  • Free from constant updates – How do you feel about your computer always doing automatic updates and other programs too. With Puppy Linux you have full control of this.
  • Saves money – You can take an old piece of junk computer with no real working hard drive and use Linux puppy and it will be faster, more secure and more stable than your friend who buy a candy colored computer for $3,000 dollars. Also you do not need to buy all the expensive programs.
  • Looks great – I customized it and make it look like something from the future. The Puppy logo is cute also and has a story behind it. The creator of this OS is a man with a heart.
  • Portable USB OS – I put my Puppy Linux OS on a $5 dollar USB pen drive (the whole OS is under 150 MB) and carry important files where I do. I fly from the USA to Europe a lot and it is easier to take a Pen drive than a laptop. My OS on this drive instead of my whole computer. When I am at a friend’s house or in the USA, I boot up my computer and have my personal desktop and programs. And yes this is encrypted.
  • Recovers lost data – Your computer is broken, no problem. Puppy Linux can rescue data and do other great tricks where expensive OS systems fail. You win instant fame and status with your friends as a techy geek they want to know. It impresses girls also.
  • Cool factor – It examples your mind and works in ways other operating systems can not. You are part of a community of users that have a passion for innovation and being on the cutting edge.
  • You do not become outdated – Planned obsolescence irritates me. Macintosh is very big on making you think you need the latest and greatest as is Windows. In fact, they are coming out with Windows 8 and older systems will not be supported eventually. Every time you have to upgrade all your proprietary software. It is a never-ending cycle. Instead I just use Puppy Linux and Libre office, GIMP, Scribus etc. All free all getting better every month. Open source was once for the cheap and geeky, now it is for people who want cutting edge better software.
  • Open source is better – Companies have limited resources. This is economics. However, open source are driven by thousands of volunteers who are passionate about the project. It will be hard to compete eventually as momentum is growing and the open source software is getting better than the paid for. An example is Puppy Linux and how it is taking leaps, and not baby steps when it comes to innovation. Can you imagine Windows being on 150 MB and running fast and smooth and safe? It is really not even strictly a traditional Linux OS, but something else.
  • Language support – I work between a few languages. I can choose my interface as well as other keyboards in my languages. You need to get Windows premium for this.
  • OS stability – Does not crash on me.
  • Puppy community and forum – There is chat, forum, blog everything for almost instant help. Try getting that from any other OS (Most Linux systems have this but I am partial towards Puppy).
  • Free games – Lots of free games and free educational games for children. There is even a derivative called Arcade Puppy which is all about gaming. But the bottom line is your kids can have free games and so can you. It also has Wine a Windows emulator is there is a program you can not give up.

How I use Puppy Linux

I do professional design and complicated stock and accounting work, yet I use Puppy Linux for everything. I have no idea why your would risk connecting to the Internet with Windows or have the patience to wait for programs to open or not (not responding) or the whole OS slow down over time? Or spend so much cash on a Mac even if you can. There are better charities than Apple computer.

Programs I use with ‘woof’ ‘woof’ PuppyLinux are:

  • Office: LibreOffice – for Wordprocessing and spreadsheets
  • For Images: I like the online photo editor called Pixlr but sometime use Gimp – for web design, but I also play with Pinta
  • Web stuff:Firefox and Thunderbird and I sync these so I have the same bookmarks and passwords as Windows.
  • Phone – Skype
  • Videos – VLC media player
  • Voice over – Audacity
  • There are endless other programs, in fact all the Ubuntu programs plus Wine which can run all your windows programs.

One last question: Have you ever been forced to restart your computer with Windows?

Did I convince you that it is the best operating system in the world as well as being the fastest? If you have questions ask. Here is where you can learn more and try Puppy and download Puppy Linux.



English lessons by Skype

Are you looking online for English lessons by Skype? I am a native speaker in English and have taught the English language to foreigners for ten years with excellent results. I have countless hours of experience in class and private instruction.

I can help you learn English fast without leaving your home. No driving to classes or rigid schedule. I can focus on business English or to help you prepare for something specific.

If you think you are not good with languages or English, believe me you are. I teach and learn languages. I know how hard it seems. But with me you will make real progress.

Why am I the best teacher of English for you?

  • Students make real progress with my lessons.
  • I can focus on what you need. If you need help with a job interview or just grammar and conversation I can help. I can focus on business, medical, legal, IT English or your specific needs. Why? I am just not an English teacher but have had years of experience in business, as well as being well read and versed in many subjects.
  • We can do the lessons with the video on or off. I think off is better in most cases, as it is about verbal skills.

What is the price of your English lessons on Skype?

  • My price is $20 dollars for 60 minutes. For a native speaker with this much experience I think you will find this – cheap English lessons online.
  • When you are ready – you just reserve a time and pay by PayPal.
  • Write me at markbiernat@yahoo.com – Ask questions or anything you need.

More stuff to know about learning English online

  • I like Skype because it is free and if used in the right way is as effective as meeting in person.
  • Focused conversation is a very good way to practice grammar. I learned English by speaking, writing and reading and this is what you will do with me. Unless you love to do grammar drills you will make better progress with my method of ESL teaching.

Business English online

Although I teach on all levels from beginner, intermediate , advanced and proficiency and also children, I specialize in real world business English. I have a Masters in Economics and work in management for some of the largest companies in the USA and Europe. I know accounting, investing, IT to a very in-depth level as well as management, sales and negotiation skills. All these can be refined.

SEO Ukraine – Ukrainian Search engine optimization

Ukraine SEO

I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe  for many years. When I first came to Eastern Europe I thought I would find a search optimization genius at a low price. Why, because Russians, Ukrainians and Poles are brilliant IT people, the founder of Google after all is from Russia. Further, I thought poorer country would mean lower prices.

What I found out is, Ukrainian firms are good and professional. However, any Ukrainian firm that is good, charges a little less than American firms, but not by much, I would say 30 percent less.  This is because it is a European country and the world is global. I live in Eastern Europe and it was hard even for me to find someone. I learned SEO myself.

The problem is most of the SEO firms in Ukraine are more for Ukrainians. Why? This is because of the language. The bottom line is, I think Ukrainians that market to the west charge more than local firms in Ukraine. The ones that do not charge a lot work mostly with Ukrainian and Russian language people. The best deals in search engine marketing are always connected with the local and not international market. So if you speak Ukrainian you will be all set. If you do not I suggest the following.

How to look for a Ukrainian SEO firm if you do not speak Ukrainian. I  think from Russia to Ukraine, from Kiev to Crimea you have many talented technical IT guys. You just have to be patient and find out how to access them, maybe via slando.com.ua.  Slado is a the largest Ukrainian classified board I found. You can use Google translate to guide you.

What is the secret to making money online and search engine optimization anyway?

I think the answer to how to make money is found in an idea from ancient times. What? What about modern business theory and all the blogs on how to make money online.   My answer is those are nice, but they are not really going to give you the road map of how to make money.

Why not? Either because the people giving you advice have made money by accident and could not replicate it in another field or they do not tell you the way to make money as they are afraid they will lose out to competition.

What about you? The site you are reading is my smallest site and for fun.

So what is the secret to making money or making money online?

In most cases I think most people do not need an SEO firm. They can about it on the web.  However if there was a it would be from the the ancients:  “the imagination is where the divine resides.”  What, is this something like a Da Vinci code wisdom minute?  No. It simply means your real power as a human given to you from above is found in your imagination.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get people to come to your website, you need to be imaginative.   People want interesting content. Everyone writes the same old same old. Be shocking unique and interesting and beautiful. If your brain needs a jump start for creativity try www.winwenger.com

If you have done onsite SEO on your WordPress blog or site and your swinging away with content but still not getting traffic.  Than your content stinks I am sorry.  Really.

Try doing something really amazing.  Spend a day in a forest just dreaming up ideas or on the beach. Next spend a week writing one good piece of content, which could include a video or images or something very useful and free, then you will see people starting to link to you.

Then you will see your traffic pick up.

Then you will understand the secret to SEO is in imagination.  Use your imagination to write good content which in turn will make you money. Then after you make your money, you can use some of it for doing good in the world in gratitude.

The best Ukrainian search engine optimization consultant

I am an American, however, I am also Ukrainian in background. If you are looking for an SEO in Ukraine or an SEO in general, consider me. I am very good and one of websites is about 100k Alexa.  I am trustworthy and I am fair in my price. Write me at markbiernat@yahoo.com if you have interest. I am trustworthy.

Poland SEO consulting

Search engine optimization in Poland

How do I know about SEO in Poland?  I am an American that lives in Krakow, Poland, I am also Polish. Do I do Search Engine Optimization in Poland? Sometimes, I do not do this directly, its more of a hobby for me. Therefore, I have a pretty good idea of the SEO  consulting scene in Poland.

I have a pretty good feel for the effectiveness of using a firm that does search engine marketing Poland and the cost. I know both languages and I know the market and prices as well as the effectiveness of the different types of marketing and IT companies in Poland.

There are three types of SEO firms in Poland

  • Artistic Polish marketing firms
  • Advanced coders
  • Polish SEO firms that know both

Kraków, Poland for example is a techy hub.  It has over 100,000 students from all over the world and many study IT.  Poles are very good with IT for some reason, I think it comes from the fact that the communist governments always pushed technical universities or Eastern Europeans are just gifted in such things.  The founder of Google.com of course was Russia. Therefore, Kraków SEO is pretty advanced, but you have to know who to choose.

Polish marketing

Living in Krakow, I see many traditional online marketing firms. The best artists in the world in terms of flash and design and conception are in Poland.  These are very talented people with innovative ideas. However, the issues is these artsy firms are traditional marketing companies, that is if you want a business card or brochure or even a cool flash site, then your all set, but they are the worst when it comes to SEO in Poland. Do not use artists and marketing companies for search engine optimization in Poland or Krakow.

These firms are organized by young artists, many in Kraków or Warsaw and their art and websites looks fantastic. However, from a search engine spider perspective they are weak.

Sometimes behind the flash search engines can not even find text or content.  This is so basic yet I see many marketing firms in Krakow not understand this. However, for design they are second to none. I have tried to explain it to them but they have artistic minds and do not want to listen.

Coding geeks in Poland

On the other hand, I see companies that are very techy and code oriented. If you want an ecommerce shop or anything very complex, these are the guys who can do it, in any strange computer code or language you need it done in.  Polish programmers are better than anyone you might find in the west for the lower price. But again they do not directly understand the SEO market in Poland. This is the main problem.  They understand how to write code but not the big picture even if they tell you they do. Further, from a design perspective they are just ok. However, for functionality they will do the job. Some how the artists and the coders are like from two different worlds and they do not understand

Poland SEO that is effective

The firms that know and use WordPress or other CMS systems in Poland for SEO are pretty much in the know.  They do not try to trick search engines rather they build a framework where users can drop content in it.

If you want some consulting I can help, just write me.

If you are looking for CSS work: One of my friends Adam optimized the code for onet.pl (the largest portal in Poland).  I teach him English and he in my opinion is a power guru.  But he is more a CSS guru.  He can also work to set up a beautiful theme if you are looking for a CSS expert with lower Polish prices.

I am not in the Polish SEO business directly but write me if you need help. Let me know if you ever meet some who has a website that gets 5-10 k visitors on it a day, I do not think there are many. This is what I g and I can help you.  Write me at markbiernat@op.pl  or I can set you up with someone I trust.

The problem with pricing and Polish SEO

On one hand the firms are very cheap or at reasonable for the amount of work they do.  They will not rip you off at all.  I do not feel confident about many SEO firms around the world, but Polish firms are honest.

However, a lot of their pricing is based on per keyword on a month to month basis for ranking high.  That means they do not do flat fee consulting too often.  It is

not worth it to them. They are very reasonably priced, but you do have to pay every month.  They would rather make a little every month than take large fees.

WordPress and Polish SEO

WordPress is popular in Poland but I would say not as popular as in the the USA for example.  I think a lot of Polish guys use other platforms from CMS Made simple to Drupal and Joomla. But if you ask them to do it they will work with you with WordPress no problem, they are not as mesmerized by WordPress as I am.

SEO in Poland, Ukraine and Russia compared

Poland is your best deal.  Why? Russia is as expensive as the USA or the UK.  They market to the west with western prices. In Ukraine SEO is developed but I think like in Russia you do not get your best value. Poland has Polish prices (non Euro, but rather Polish złoty), EU and western laws and way doing business.  SEO in Poland is the best deal all around.