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Are you an entrepreneur or want to zing when other people zag? This site is a How to learn site.  It deals with how to learn specific things rather than a general abstract conversation about learning. The ambition of this site is for me to write about things I am personally interested in and have experience with. My thinking is if I am interesting in in than maybe you will be too.

Learn Fast Mark
My daughter teaching me chess

If you have questions about this site or want any additional information please write me at markbiernat@yahoo.com

I do two forms of consulting:

I am the author and you can find me here Mark Biernat Google+
I am a teacher and a programmer by profession, so I love to focus on teaching and learning.

The key areas of this site I am focusing on are”

  • WordPress SEO – my message here is SEO is not what it was in 1999 or even 2007. SEO is about making a quality website where people will come back. WordPress is an excellent platform for this. Do not go for the plugins and sites that claim they can make you rank, rather go for people who give you real insights on how to make their sites useful. If you read my website you will get a lot of useful information.
  • Technology – There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a computer or OS unless you have money to burn. Try Puppylinux. With this OS you can make a million with. You do not need anything else. The tools are all there. If you use Windows, I also give you hints. The truth is I go back and forth between these two OS.
  • Business – I have 30+ years of experience in business. I have been around the block and write on some useful ideas and tips.


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