BuddyPress Vs. Mingle

The purpose of this post is to compare BuddyPress to Mingle for creating a WordPress social networking site. The reason I think this is an important post for anyone considering creating a community is both are long run investments in terms of time. Further, the success of your site will largely depend on a positive user experience. At the end I give my personal recommendation which one to choose. If you are serious about starting a social site, take my recommendation.

Therefore, I will look at three things:

  • The pros and cons of both WordPress platforms for a social networking blog or website.
  • I also want to address the set up and installation issues with WordPress MU and the WordPress Mingle plugin which runs on a standard install.
  • Examples of BuddyPress and Mingle WordPress and also a how set up Mingle tutorial.  With these I think you can make a better informed decision which one to use.

What is my experience with WP? I have been using various Automattic platforms for eighteen of my websites (many are test sites) for five years now. Therefore, I have kicked a lot of tires to check the various functionality and flexibility of core features and extends. I also write my own software, so I am somewhat technical.

reenactors social networking
Social networks are about like minded people congregating. I give a concrete recommendation on which software I would use.

BuddyPress and Mingles features and drawbacks



  • The most important difference between WordPress Mingle and BuddyPress – I see WP Mingle as more of an extension of an existing blog or website. It is an add-on. In contrast, BuddyPress is a whole site design. Read my lips, it is very hard to start a social network site. Every guy out there wants to and has an idea, even me and I have many successful website.  The best way to have a successful social networking website is to take an existing website that has traffic and community via WordPress comments and extend this. Mingle can be useful for this extension. If you start with BuddyPress on a new website nothing will happen. Facebook was the first and lucky. It does not work this way now. Ask me about this in the comments if you do not understand, it is important so you do not waste your time.
  • I like Mingle because it works on my theme and feels more flexible in style and look than BuddyPress, which has a more blocky Facebook style.
  • Users can create profile pages.
  • Friends lists
  • The core part is a profile page and contact with other members though an extended Gravatar plugin.
  • Users can comment on and post on friend pages – Mingle is all about friends and interaction of friends.
  • Member directory and recent (or random) users displayed on sidebar
  • Email notifications
  • Very easy to use and simple to understand
  • I have not experienced any plugin or theme conflicts – for me this is the biggest point. With BuddyPress it does not work with my favorite theme, in contrast WordPress Mingle does.
  • You can use Mingle with a standard WP installation. This is the best feature. You can also use it with WPMU if you want, but you might as well use BuddyPress if you go through the trouble of installing it on your server
  • Actively being developed with an enthusiastic team/community, it could surpass BuddyPress in terms of functionality.


  • Not been updated in years. The creator should just make it an open source project. Obsecenece is a huge neative. He has been focusing on something called memberpress.  Member press is a a plugin that allows you to accept payment for a membership or content site. Maybe this will go hand in hand with a new Mingle development kick but I am not holding my breath.
  • I am always afraid Blair Williams might some day lose interest in the project and not develop it as much, whereas, BuddyPress is supported by WP. I have no seen it updated in a while in fact. I have started to look at another alternative WP Symposium if the lag in development continues.
  • At this time little documentation. – Update getting better, I installed in the other day and it is fairly self explanatory.
  • This is not an official Automattic.com tool, so its development depends on Blair Williams the creator (this could be pro actually depends on how you look at it).



  • If you like Facebook.com or Linkedin.com or Vkontаkte.ru, you can have this with BuddyPress.  It has the same look and feel. Many large sites running off of BuddyPress, tried and tested.
  • Very professional clean look. The look and features are a like any major social networking site. I am confident using BP that there is strong support and everything will work now and in the future.
  • BuddyPress is a offical Automattic.com platform (it was a purchase).
  • Good support
  • Will most likely get easier with development as Andy Peatling is committed to the project.
  • Now a 5 minute install with a plugin.
  •  BuddyPress  MU or SU has come a long way. I use SU as it is easiest.


  • Slight learning curve.
  • New themes and plugins.
  • WPMU with BuddyPress is an uncontrollable amount of spam. I have done every anti-spam method known and still robots find and know it is a WPMU BuddyPress site and I have moderate it unlike the standard install. I scraped my site and changed it to a standard install. Works great but no traffic. This is why I recommend INgle on existing themes and sites and not try to be a Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Mullenweg is a better web role model because he is organic and has developed his web presences and reputation over time.
  • If you have 1and1.com as a server you will get a error 500 unless you add this to the top of your .htaccess
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

Mingle and WPMU installation issues

There are no installation issues with the Mingle plugin. You just go to add new plugin and install.  Once you are installed it guides you though the set up page.

Below is a basically all you need to set up. It is a simple drop down menu set up.

The BuddyPress can work with a standard WordPress install and a plugin.   It could be set up in just over 5 minutes.   It is now “out of the box” like other WordPress installs and takes databases.   Therefore, both Mingle and BuddyPress are very easy to install with a plugin.

The question is which one to use for social networking your site?  They both are very good and at this juncture of their development are very close in functionality.

I recommend Mingle if you want to extend an existing website with traffic to include a forum or social aspect. I recommend BuddyPress if you want to develop a large social networking website.

  • thepioneerwoman.com – is the best example of a BuddyPress website
  • WordPress Mingle is the best example of a mingle run website.

Here are two quotes from the developers:

Paul Cater (Mingle) was kind enough to reply to my e-mail and wrote me a comparison (summarized a bit):

WordPress MU is a multi-blog system (and can be used with a standard WordPress blog).  Mingle will let you turn your regular WordPress install into a social networking site similar to Facebook or MySpace with a single plugin (also). Mingle could be a simple, nice replacement, however, BuddyPress offers a few more features currently, but Mingle is well on its way to being a heavy contender.

Andy Peatling (BuddyPress) wrote:

BuddyPress  works on standard WordPress, it does not require WordPress MU. In fact, you can install BuddyPress in less than two minutes via the plugin installer. It’s really quite simple.

BuddyPress does not require special plugins or themes, many WordPress plugins work out of the box and there are now more than 125 BuddyPress specific plugins that will add new features to the platform. You can use your existing WordPress theme using the super easy BuddyPress template pack.

John Jacobs Jacoby is now in the development (also the bbPress developer). bbPress is also another option for creating a social site by the way.

BuddyPress and Mingle tutorials and examples

My review of WP social plugin and recommendation

  • Here is my recommendation. Use BuddyPress until Mingle development is turned open source or shows signs of life.  Or alternatively use wpsymposium.com which is being actively developed. WP symposium works.  You do not want to be stuck up with a huge site based on Mingle than years latter, that for some reason does not work if there is a conflict with WP development and your social plugin. You want to use BuddyPress. If you can not handle the design part hire someone off of elance there are a million programmers out there to help you design it. The main thing is creating a social site is easy, getting it with the critial number of participates interacting is the real trick.

I hope this post has been of some value to you.  Please give your feedback and any of your ideas or experiences regarding using BuddyPress compared to Mingle on your blog.

offers a few more features currently but Mingle is well on it's way to
being a heavy contender.

12 Replies to “BuddyPress Vs. Mingle”

  1. I am also now looking into a new WP plugin called WP Sympsium. The biggest problem I am having with WMPU is the issue of spam. I am trying to find something that allows users to have their own pages without getting over run by spam. Anti-spam plugins do not work as I there seems ways to by pass this.

    I have BuddyPress set up right now on one of my websites with the BuddyPress Humanity plugin (great name) and so far no spam. However, I should note this is not a WPMU website. Those are really the ones that get spammed out.

  2. Great article on BuddyPress vs Mingle. Informative and to the point. I have a follow up question too. I am trying to set up a membership site using WishList member and BuddyPress,but, WL and BuddyPress do not work together. Mingle, however, does not have problems. What would you recommend?



  3. I use Mingle and found just the Mingle plugin causes load issues on all the wordpress sites I have it on. What it does.. It flashes a white screen between all pageloads… which is just no good!

    I deactivated Mingle and found it to be the ussue.. Mingle Forum works fine and causes no loading issues…

  4. BuddyPress is becoming more powerful, however, I still have had problems with compatibility with themes and plugins I have not had with Mingle. I think you should list the plugins or themes you want to use and determine if that not working is a show stopper. I personally am considering pulling the plug on of my social sites as to be honest it ia a lot of work to get people to join. I will give it maybe one last heroic effort, but to get users to register for anything here has to be a real strong incentive.

  5. It would be helpful to know when this post was published/updated to compare to more recent updates to the software.

  6. l have just been testing buddypress and discovered that you really have to be a skilled developer to bring it to a world class level social networking. Standard profile like that of Tagged or facebook is not existing and even the so called extended profile plugin is a joke or rather not working. Its rather unfortunate that Mingle has not been updated for sometime , if not it should have been the best.The nature of most buddypress plugins tell you to contact their developers.

  7. I agree Mingle has not been updated and BuddyPress is not accessible to the average person if you want to create a useful and sharp looking social media website, but the basic functionality is easy to set up. There is a third option and that is wpsymposium.com

    The issue with social networking sites is not the technical aspect as the above three platforms give you all you need. It is getting people to join. Most web surfers are impatient mobile users and to registrar and return for anything there has to be a great incentive like ‘free beautiful girls online’ or something.

  8. Hello, hopefully this is something you could please help me with. Mingle works great on my project site but after logging into the mingle login area it redirects me to the activity page, then if I try to go back to the home page it automatically logs me out everytime. I sell things on the home page so after users login I would rather them be redirected to the homepage rather than the activity page and still be logged in. Is this possible?

  9. Yes it is possible. Can you not simply but a big fat obvious link with something like ‘Thank you for signing in and go here’? Or you can redirect them automatically or with a delay. I think you just need to put that redirect. I have not worked much with such things beyond htaccess.

  10. Im trying to create a website which has two parts

    1: place that people can join the website using their Facebook or linked in profile and be able to create a stylish profile pictures with all bells and rings.(Interactive profile picture -profile background picture and picture and video albums)

    2: an area that Company sponsors and developers can run campaign or audition and job offers so people can easily apply for it using their profile

    which too is better ?mingle or body press?

  11. Mingle has code not compatible with PHP of the last 5 years or so, among other things.
    Support response is totally and completely absent more than a year now.
    There is no good migration path to anything else.

    At one time, it was the only choice, so I chose it.
    In retrospect, it was a bad, bad choice. Today, it appears most content, user profiles, friends, all private messaging, will just be abandoned, much to the chagrin of any and all users who have become victims of a once promising, but now long abandoned and incompatible with the last 4 versions of wordpress, obsolete plugin.

    AVOID mingle at nearly any cost.

  12. Maybe you just like Mingle, Buddypress to me is very flexible with lots of extension plugin that is compatible and create great features.

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