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My name is Mark Biernat and I am an expert level CAMRA consultant. If you would like to hire me for a CAMRA implementation, or project management connected to a CAMRA, Crystal reports, Investment Accounting, process improvement.

  • Please write me at: CAMRA consultant contact
  • My resume is here : CAMRA Consultant resume
  • My rate for both consulting and project management is relatively cheap for the role: $70/hr no middleman or fees for investment accounting and trading systems consulting.
investment accounting CAMRA consultant
Mark Biernat living in historic St. Augustine – CAMRA investment accounting system conversion consultant.

I was a consult at SS&C technologies, and the hired by a client to Investment accounting department for a large Insurance company with ten billion dollars of assets under management. I have worked with CAMRA, PFS and every type of investment accounting, back office and trading front end. I have done complex system integrations with time constrains and data purification.

If you are looking for a PAM PFI consultant, also I do data conversions with Princeton Financial – State Street Software and Blackrock Aladdin. These front to back systems keep the back office, regulatory and reporting numbers in line.

Since that time I have been a freelance consultant in IT as my life (actually my wife) moved me to Europe, and now I am back in the USA with my family consulting. I am based in St. Augustine, Florida and will travel anywhere.

What is CAMRA?

It is an investment accounting software program that insurance and financial companies use to keep track of their back office activities. It is software that is written by SS&C – investment accounting software company.

This includes GAAP, STAT, TAX and other bases, investment trading analysis and analytical reporting.  I have even used European and custom basis for accounting; the latter being useful for mergers, spin off and other accounting situations you see in the real world of asset management.

CAMRA review

How does Securities software and consulting software and products compare with other back office systems out there?

I believe they are the best. I have use every software out there from PFS to homegrown systems based on Excel and SQL.  I think SS&C products are superior products hands down. I have used them myself for years and have not found one situation they could not handle. What does anyone use investment accounting software? I could go into more detail but, it is mostly about calculating book values on Fixed income assets but also other securities like equities and MBS as well as derivatives.

  • If I personally ran a fund or Insurance company I would use SS&C. Ask me questions if you have any regarding any financial software or investment products.
  • I ran a back office with ten Billion dollars under management and my first choose was SS&C.
  • CAMRA has front end trading interface capabilities as well as custom reporting. Portfolio managers find it easy to use to track their asset’s performance, investment compliance rule as well as other functionality.
  • Mergers, spin offs and system conversions can be handled in CAMRA by running parallel.
  • All regulatory reporting including Schedule Ds can be handled with ease with standard reports

Complete Asset Management Reporting and Analytic software was set up by a visionary entrepreneur Bill Stone and  who is actively involved in the company while it is currently run by Norm Boulanger.

If you would like to hire me for a project, please write I can transform your company into an efficient front and back office for accounting and trading. I am a duel US and EU citizen so I can work anywhere in Europe and the USA (and yes CAMRA can handle multi-currency).

Am I good with IT? From all the CAMRA consultants out there, and investment accounting and GAAP freelance experts and companies (consulting and proprietary software firms) out there you found this page did you not?







4 Replies to “CAMRA consultant”

  1. I thought you meant CAMRA as in UK Campaign for Real Ale.
    Linux and proper beer would be excellent.
    I see my mistake, if ever I get enough money to invest I will look you up.

    Serious question now.
    I would like to know which Puppy you installed.
    Personally I find Saluki the most stable, but am open to suggestions.


  2. That is funny about CAMRA. I will have to look it up and maybe write about it.

    Regarding PuppyLinux I like them all. I have used MacPup and Broswerlinux for the fun and beauty but I keep going back to something like the Ubuntu repository linux as my favorite which is Precise Puppy, just because find it easy to use and stable.

    Most of the Internet is in the cloud now, my WordPress website, e-mails browswring. I really only use a computer for spreadsheets, wordprocessing and graphics. Even those are cloud based if you want it to be so I have no idea why people go out and buy hugely expenive OS like Apples or Windows 8 unless they were doing something really specidif, which I can not image.

    I would rather have a cool lean Puppy linux machine and spend the extra few thousand (not spend on the lattest OS) in Latin America chasing girls or something if I was a guy, or going on shopping trips in Paris if I was a girl. I mean a good Mac or Windows 8 cost bucks, that money will buy a lot of dinners in Latin America for beautifual girls. Which experience would you rather have. I mean, Puppy will allow you to take the oldest computer and make it new again and do as much if not more than other OS.

    Also I can not wait until the next release they always improve it.

  3. Portfolio Management Services – Middle Office Services

    Hi Mark, I am seriously thinking about starting my own Portfolio Management business, offering to services to Pension, Insurance and mid size hedge funds an option to outsource their middle office processes. While researching, Camra came up as possible option to provide portfolio management and also appears to be able to interface with numerous OMS.
    Can you share your thoughts on the above, if you believe it to be a viable option and the possible cost to install the software for 1 to 2 users and also maintenance with updates on FRS,GAAP policies etc.

  4. Camra is my choice for back office accounting software because it is more user friendly than PFS or Princeton Financial’s PAM. Camra was written by accountants, PAM by programmers and to querry the the tables Camra is the way to go. I would like to write more on that but in my experience it is user friendly.

    Any system can talk to any system upstream and downstream. You can put in a front end system like Bloomberg or Blackrock’s Alladin and flow it though your backoffice and to general ledger. It is all about middle tier mapping. Camra also keeps up to date for regulatory reporting though releases and patches.

    I guess my question is, is how many assets under management do you expect to have? What does your team look like. If you are a one person shop you need to know systems a bit or have one person that does as the back office is complex. That being said small to medium size companies exist in portfolio management everywhere. I would call them and explore the cost as they might do it as a small percent of assets under management or flat fee or even outsource the work while you focus on getting clients. If you want to ask specific questions let me know.

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