101 reasons why to use Puppy Linux

I compiled a list of 101 reasons to start using Puppy Linux today. Spread the word about Puppy Linux.

  1. Ultimate anti-boss mode – I thought I would start off with an attention getter, even if it is less than noble. You can run PuppyLinux on your work computer and no one will ever know. Maybe I even wrote this post at work. Puppy loads into RAM and no key-loggers or Network Administrators can track what you do. For example, I have not taken a lunch in three months and now that it is a little slow, I can blog a bit at work guilelessly and low probability of getting caught. Unless my boss reads this. I even work on my resume, as I am overworked here.
  2. Puppy Linux is fast – Actually I have yet to find an OS faster and more practical. It is the best OS in the world. Since the programs load into RAM on start up, large operations and programs execute in a blink of an eye, almost instantaneously. Time is money and ‘the stuff life is made of’ (Benjamin Franklin), do not waste it, use PuppyLinux.
  3. PuppyLinux as the ultimate dating and love tool – It guards against girlfriend or boyfriend tracking you I am happily married and my life is an open book to my wife who I will be with for all the days of my life. However, if you are not married all is fair in love and war. I am 100% loyal in marriage. However,  for single people, there is no harm in keeping your options open until she has a ring on her figure. I know so many people who get married because it is the best they can do. Get married to the person who you can not life without. If the person you are dating now is not that person. Crank up PuppyLinux and go on some online dating sites. He or she will never know. Emails will not be read, nothing. There will be no evidence you are on the market. I believe in love, use PuppyLinux to find your right spouse in life.
  4. Online banking and security – Logging into your bank or online broker is a risk, unless you are using PuppyLinux.
  5. Good if you travel – If you are on the road and security is a factor using public computers or Internet cafes just put your OS in your system and log on knowing you can not be hacked.
  6. Does a carpenter have ads and trials on his hammer? – No bloat or junk ware installed from third parties. I buy a new computer I do not need special deals flashing limited edition software with an upgrade enticements. Yes I know everyone has to make money, but a computer is my tool. Can you imagine if a carpenter bought a hammer and it was bloated with ads.
  7. Puppy Linux is Green – less power use, extends the life of old computers.
  8. Good for charity – Take those old computers out of your closet, load PuppyLinux with a USB and give it to some kid that can not afford a computer.
  9. Rescue data and destroyed computers – Computer failed, or data lost, windows does not boot, no problem, PuppyLinux to the rescue. Even if your hard rive crashes Puppy will work. You can download a copy of Windows and burn it if you really want to.
  10. Fun – I do not know why, I just walk with an extra bounce in my step when I have been using PuppyLinux, try it and you will see how it will turn into a joyful obsession.
  11. Start up and shutdown takes seconds – Further, once you are on, you will not want to shut it down. When I see that cute doggy icon on my screen it I know load time is seconds a way.
  12. Windows and Mac are more complicated – Although Windows and Macs are initially user friendly, paradoxically they are massive programs with complexities that run deep once you run into trouble you are in deep water my friend. Puppy in contrast is only a little over 100 MB and is based on simplicity down to the bones.
  13. It works.
  14. Does not automatically connect to the Hard Drive (mount) – Therefore this decreases the risk for bugs, corruptions and viruses. It is better not to mount initially (get your minds out of the gutter).
  15. RAM based – Therefore, it disappears except the save files ( if needed) from the computer in thin air without a trace. But also on an old junk of a computer it will run faster than the latest machine at BestBuy.
  16. Girls like guys who use PuppyLinux – OK maybe not statically proven but there is a cool factor.
  17. Loaded with Wizards – Think Gandalf, Wizards help good people. Many people think changing OS is hard, but at this point in development Puppy has so many Wizards that installation is all set in minutes. Actually if you get a refined version (known as puplets) like MacPup it is good to go out of the box. Quirky, Racy (for new computers) and Wary (for old computers) work out of the box but sometimes you might have to instal programs like java if you need to use this.
  18. Good for your CV – Put it on your resume, you know geeky Linux things looks good people will know you are a geek and at the next level.
  19. Constantly ranking in the top ten at Distrowatch – so if so many people enjoy it there must be a reason.
  20. Over nine years old – If an OS has been running that long with a following it is here to stay, Linux is over thirty years.
  21. I have been frustrated by other versions of Linux – In contrast, I have never had a really bad experience with PuppyLinux.
  22. Puppy likes Pupplets – Take a snapshot at anytime of your current configuration and save it as a new release of PuppyLinux. Of course if you want to make it truly unique you have to customizes not only the art but the functionality at its core with Woof or Bones two tools to create Pupplets.
  23. Windows manager – The user interface you have a lot of choice. JWM, or IceWM desktop, Fluxbox, and my favorite is Enlightenment
  24. Run a business off of it – I know companies spend a lot of licenses and I know others that use illegal software. But the bottom line is you can run almost any company with the software at hand. I have worked in IT and Accounting for years in major corporations and Puppy Linux can do it and with good security. With the exception of some proprietary software that can not be run on Wine. But I have to really question why you need that software anyway.
  25. LibreOffice writer loads faster – Any program including Microsoft Word on Windows 8 or any of the office products for that matter loads faster.
  26. Battery life last several times longer than a PC or Mac – I have had computer batteries on their last leg, yet if I use PuppyLinux, I can take my laptop to bed and watch a full movie.
  27. Good for your brain – Everything is easy, but still you have to learn a bit and this is good for your brain. Your mind will stretch and build new circuits.
  28. Benchmark it – You will find PuppyLinux faster than your favorite OS. Considering the amount of time you spend online why, waste so much time each day.
  29. Start your kids out right – Teach them the virtues of frugality and improvising.
  30. One click is better than two – Of course on Windows and Linux you can adjust this but the default is one click. Once you get in the habit of single clicking to open applications for example, you will feel it is clunky to double-click.
  31. Easy Internationalization – I moved from the USA to Poland and back to America and traveling around Europe never had a problem with fonts and typing in different languages.
  32. Can load when your OS fails – This goes beyond the rescue disk idea. It is the simple idea that if your computer fails Puppy does not. Hard to explain you just have to see what I mean.
  33. USB or Pen drive OS can be worn around your neck with a funny animal caricature – And you are the cool nerd like in Big bang theory.
  34. USB sticks are cheap – you can go to WalMart or BigLots and get 8gigs for a few dollars.
  35. Bill Gates likes Puppy Linux
  36. Bye-Bye propriety software – Do not have to buy Office or other proprietary software like PhotoShop that costs a fortune. No more need for illegal downloads, you can have a clean conscious.
  37. More stable – No more Blue Screens and the black screes of death.
  38. Software is all legal – So there is no guilt.
  39. Chat programs are consolidated in a single program – Yes it comes with some special chat programs that are universal and can consolidate into one. Less is more.
  40. Work spaces instead of Windows – Try them you will like them.
  41. A lot of free eye candy – Linux generally just looks better.
  42. Puppy Linux increases your IQ – Let me explain – There is a Puppy Arcade which allows you to play all the retro arcade games, which are good for building elementary cognitive processes and increase your IQ.
  43. All you really need to conquer the world – Technologically is BrowerLinux a derivative of Puppy Linux or MijnPup if you want Libre Writer and Calc.
  44. Fatdog – Is a true 64 bit version for modern computers so it is a myth that Puppy is for old dogs.
  45. MetroPup – Gives you a Windows 8 feel without spending the cash.
  46. PupCrppt – Looking to make your experiences even more anonymous?
  47. If you like Mac – You will love Macpup.
  48. Does not track – PuppyLinux does not leave tracks.
  49. Make your own operating system – It is about time I do. With the tools from provided by Barry Kauler such as official woof builder.
  50. Flexibility – You can install selected applications or the whole suite.
  51. Multitasking – things like large print jobs will not slow your other tasks.
  52. You do not need to install this on your hard rive – in fact it is recommended you do not. That is freedom and choice.
  53. Open Source – I like the ideas that when a community works on it, it comes out better.
  54. You do not need to accept a score of agreements – before you instal something.
  55. Advantages of Puppy Linux over Windows 8 – cost, speed, flexibility, cool factor. Windows is like the old cars of the 1950s. A lot would change in terms of style with the release of the new model, and even some new features but the advantages and disadvantages of the line would stay the same.
  56. I like the sound of the name – PuppyLinux, I use PuppyLinux. All the annoying fast talking people who say “I have a Mac, do you have a mac, of you should get a Mac” with inflection. You just slowly and clearly say, “PuppyLinux”. It is faster and free and more secure. It is the next level of cool.
  57. PuppyLinux is evolving – it is not static and outdated but it is exciting to watch and track its development. There are always pupplets and creative minds working to improve this out of the goodness of their heart and real imagination. The human race is evolving as such, some people
  58. Secure for online banking investing.
  59. Work like a spy – The US defense department uses a Ram based program for internal security.
  60. Different browser like SeaMonckey and Midori
  61. Recover data lost when Windows fails
  62. It will make your richer. I know I mentioned the cost but think of it this way the amount of money you spend on brand name software and upgrades (Windows 8) and new machines that will be slower than your Pup. You could buy a trip to Europe. How does this change your life? I met my wife in Europe. But that point aside, people who spend money on experiences make more than those who spend money on things. So instead of new machines and software, take a trip to Europe and experience life.
  63. Nice mascot or icons, who does not log puppies.
  64. Many derivatives like the elegant Mac Pup or the fast Browser Linux.
  65. Build your own version from bear bones with a tool. Puppy Linux is all about customization.
  66. Community
  67. The whole world wants to install something – on your Windows OS, they are aimed at targeting Windows for junk accumulation on your computer.
  68. Free software
  69. No viruses do not have to purchase or bloat your machine with ant-virus software
  70. Languages and fonts – in your language are supported and easy to use
  71. Free games – Lots of retro games and new games, I like FreeCiv.
  72. Kid friendly – Linux has always been known for its educational software with the friendly penguins.
  73. No spy ware.
  74. Do not have ‘not responding’ – and need to restart your computer
  75. Unlimited and free technical support – with a community that cares
  76. Cleaner look – more artistic designs
  77. Does not decrease with speed over time
  78. Are you tried yet of Windows automatic updates and patches
  79. Community is helpful – Its like being in a club, with no secret handshakes. I have always found good support.
  80. Looks good on your resume –
  81. This is applicable to Linux in general – the artwork is beautiful. Windows has some nice nature screen savers but Linux distros have dazzling art.
  82. Enjoy your bad habits online without being tracked – For example, I have a chess addition. I love online chess and have spend up to 14 hours in one stretch playing chess. I have since given it up. But I would boot up puppy Linux and as long as they did not directly see me, know one in my house would not. Maybe a poor example as I am pretty innocent but some guys like fantasy football etc. All this can not be tracked unless at the Internet service provider.
  83. The picture imagines seem clearer on the photo – view, it might be my imagination.
  84. More choice – in look and feel
  85. You do not have to run utilities – like disk defray and registry cleaner to get performance
  86. Do not worry about drivers
  87. Freedom
  88. Linux is now on par with Windows in terms of programs – I have not used Microsoft Office in years, unless I have to at the office for example. I use free photo editors, browsers, e-mail client.
  89. More stable system – It does not crash nor do I get ‘not responding’.
  90. Skills are honed and your brain becomes more diverse – Self Improvement
  91. Be different – I think people like self differentiation, it is something in our psychology, more pronounced in adolescence but still in adulthood we want to stand out from the herd. Here is your chance. Be a maverick use Puppy Linux.
  92. No Cost – You know, free as in free beer.
  93. Faster Internet searches – Pages just seem to load faster. I have not done extensive search test but when I load a bloated page like ‘Huntington Post’ for example, PuppyLinux loads pages faster than my Windows 7 OS.
  94. Good for charity – You can donate old computers and they can be given to the needy for learning and operating computers.
  95. No need for performance stealing protection software.
  96. Beautiful screens and art. –
  97. Easy to delete unused programs. Unlike Windows it clogs your registry, Puppy just take programs and deletes them.
  98. Moves files faster than anything I have experienced in Windows. If I am moving major gigabyte to external hard drives as backup, it can take hours in Windows. However, in Puppy a fraction of the time.
  99. Less distraction – With colorful icons and such that can not be make more utilitarian with a mac and to some extent Windows is moving to more distraction. Not so with this Pen drive is. You will be less distracted and get more done.
  100. Chat support – I could not believe it once set up there was a special chat for users and people were giving me support. This is beyond the forum.
  101. Printers, drivers Wifi are all found seamlessly.
  102. Introduced to new ideas and ways to use software like Dillo web browser (less is more). I would never have played around with this if I just used Windows or a Mac.
  103. The creator of PuppyLinux Barry Kauler is cool and created Puppy as a labor of love. If the guy who created it interesting then you know the software will be.

There is ultimately no good reason not to make this a happy peaceful Puppy Linux world.

Puppy Linux advantage
Compared to any other OS, Puppy Linux wins on quantifiable and qualitative grounds.

If you have more reasons add them below in the comments. There are of course more reasons why to use Puppy Linux, but this is a start. Thank you Puppy Linux community.

How Puppy Linux can save your life

Puppy is a Linux Operating system (debatable) – how can it save your life?  I am not talking about helping you restore you computer, mind you but you. It can save you or help you personally like it did me. Let me tell you a story.

Puppy Linux save help
Puppy Linux is a super hero. I am thankful for the community for developing this program that helped me though a rough time.

How Puppy Linux helped me back to life

Back in 2010 I was living in Europe as an expat and one afternoon I had an unfortunate encounter with some local drinking guy. The local police and even the us embassy had a lackluster response to say the least. To make a long story short after a week in the hospital and a year plus of recovery I learned a lot

About patience. Patience in letting life heal me.

In my healing, I needed to find something that was fun, not work and mentally challenging. PuppyLinux was what I found. PuppyLinux was something that would give me a tool that when I returned to health, it also had the side benefit of utility that would jet pack me to the next level of computing. With Puppy Linux I could play and not feel I was wasting my time. Also something good for me ego.

What can Puppy Linux can give you?

Any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone who can not afford the top of the line computer, does not need to spend money. Take your oldest computer from the closet and use Puppyllinux and it will be better than any high priced computer. If you do not have one, buy something used.  I have a $3,000 Mac and I use PuppyLinux more.

What did Puppy Linux give me?

  • UberGeek factor – I know all this sounds trivial, but in using the computer. Something that would give me the feeling in an innocent way that I was a super geek, you know on par with the guys you see featured in the big bang theory. So it helped my ego after all this trauma.
  • Speed – Why buy a Mac? Why get Windows 8, I already know that Puppy Linux will be faster. You can take the most powerful Mac computer in the world, and it will not load an application as fast as Puppy Linux.
  • Great security – A company I work for just got their credit card stolen. I am sure it would not have happened if they use Puppy Linux for online banking like I do.
  • I would never have to really buy a computer again – unless I really wanted to. I could use Puppy Linux and not have have to keep up to the latest and greatest gadget that comes out because Puppy is always being updated. The anticipation creates the same human emotions as when the next Mac comes out but cost me a lot less. Plus Puppy Linux loads faster and is more secure than a Mac computer.
  • Cool Alternative software – Even if I am not using PuppyLinux I have been introduced to an array of useful software that can be used in the Windows environment. For example, why use Office when there is LibreOffice, or AbiSoft or Gunmaric. Puppy allows you to use GIMP which will load fast without spending a fortune on Photoshop.
  • It made me more cloud oriented – I believe almost everything now days can be done with the browser of your choice and LibreOffice. Now Puppy Linux comes with all the any program you can imagine mind you. For example, you can use Pinta, a Paint.net clone, or Gimp a Photoshop replacement or mypaint which is a Beautiful Linux free hand drawing program, but you do not even need to when there are websites like Pixlr. I basically clean off my Puppy desktop and install and use a browser.

It gave meet something to play with all summer while I was laying on my sofa recovering. Something that was not work, yet productive. So I am thankful I found Puppy Linux.

So in a sense Puppy Linux was one of the things that saved my life.


Puppy Linux – the best operating system

The best operating system in the world is also the fastest – Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is the fastest and best OS in the world and my primary OS. It beats Windows, 7 and 10, by a mile, not to mentioned Macintosh OSX. This is a bold statement but I have a top of the line Mac and it is true. It also works great with netbooks and old computers as the requirements are small.

  • I have not had Windows installed on any of my computers for years. My whole family uses Linux and my artistic wife remarks, why would anyone not use Linux, it is stable and easy.

Currently I am using Slacko 6.3 version of Puppy Linux on my mobile computer.    On my home office and gaming computers I use Linux Mint.  The Mac I bought to do professional recording, but have since learned you can do it on Linux. I do not care if Windows is free, Puppy Linux is faster, more secure and stable.

Do want to accomplish more, have more free time, have fun working on your computer? I did and I do. You can work at light speed and be limitless with this a unusual OS that actually gives you free time because of its speed.

Puppy Linux operating system best
Why not use the most secure, fastest and most stable operating system in the world?

I created a short list of reasons you need to try this world-class operating system. It was not created by a large company, but my a visionary man, Barry Kauler, and gives he gives it to the world for free.

I have tried every version of Windows and most versions of Linux and played with Mac.

Why use Puppy Linux?

The reasons I use Puppy Linux are:

  • Speed. There is no faster OS on earth. Software programs load into your RAM and therefore open instantaneously. This results in increased productivity and efficiency and less aggravation. Hence, you have more free time and happiness.
  • Safety – I rarely chance connecting to the Internet with Windows. Why risk it? You could get all kinds of personal information stolen. Ignorance is bliss until you have someone steal important things. This means headaches. On the other hand, Puppy Linux is perfect for online banking. Strong security as nothing is stored on your hard drive unless you set it to. Therefore, Puppy Linux is the safest operating system you can get.
  • Compatibility – I do pretty heavy-duty design and business work on Puppy. There is nothing that I can do with Windows that I can not do with Puppy Linux. No program that Linux does not now have something equal or better. It is a bold claim and even 3 years ago it could not be made, but not, it is reality.
  • Easy of use – I find it easier than Windows. The install take about five minutes and in 30 minutes fully customized, but you can use it in 5. No need to look for drivers or other things, Puppy does it for you. It does everything from printers to video card with a set up wizard. You might have to get use to where things are, but this is pretty easy. Remember when you learned Windows, how awkward everything was, it is good for your brain to learn a little. However, the newest versions are so close to windows it is not a problem. There are many tutorials and videos that make Puppy easy to learn.
  • Free from constant updates – How do you feel about your computer always doing automatic updates and other programs too. With Puppy Linux you have full control of this.
  • Saves money – You can take an old piece of junk computer with no real working hard drive and use Linux puppy and it will be faster, more secure and more stable than your friend who buy a candy colored computer for $3,000 dollars. Also you do not need to buy all the expensive programs.
  • Looks great – I customized it and make it look like something from the future. The Puppy logo is cute also and has a story behind it. The creator of this OS is a man with a heart.
  • Portable USB OS – I put my Puppy Linux OS on a $5 dollar USB pen drive (the whole OS is under 150 MB) and carry important files where I do. I fly from the USA to Europe a lot and it is easier to take a Pen drive than a laptop. My OS on this drive instead of my whole computer. When I am at a friend’s house or in the USA, I boot up my computer and have my personal desktop and programs. And yes this is encrypted.
  • Recovers lost data – Your computer is broken, no problem. Puppy Linux can rescue data and do other great tricks where expensive OS systems fail. You win instant fame and status with your friends as a techy geek they want to know. It impresses girls also.
  • Cool factor – It examples your mind and works in ways other operating systems can not. You are part of a community of users that have a passion for innovation and being on the cutting edge.
  • You do not become outdated – Planned obsolescence irritates me. Macintosh is very big on making you think you need the latest and greatest as is Windows. In fact, they are coming out with Windows 8 and older systems will not be supported eventually. Every time you have to upgrade all your proprietary software. It is a never-ending cycle. Instead I just use Puppy Linux and Libre office, GIMP, Scribus etc. All free all getting better every month. Open source was once for the cheap and geeky, now it is for people who want cutting edge better software.
  • Open source is better – Companies have limited resources. This is economics. However, open source are driven by thousands of volunteers who are passionate about the project. It will be hard to compete eventually as momentum is growing and the open source software is getting better than the paid for. An example is Puppy Linux and how it is taking leaps, and not baby steps when it comes to innovation. Can you imagine Windows being on 150 MB and running fast and smooth and safe? It is really not even strictly a traditional Linux OS, but something else.
  • Language support – I work between a few languages. I can choose my interface as well as other keyboards in my languages. You need to get Windows premium for this.
  • OS stability – Does not crash on me.
  • Puppy community and forum – There is chat, forum, blog everything for almost instant help. Try getting that from any other OS (Most Linux systems have this but I am partial towards Puppy).
  • Free games – Lots of free games and free educational games for children. There is even a derivative called Arcade Puppy which is all about gaming. But the bottom line is your kids can have free games and so can you. It also has Wine a Windows emulator is there is a program you can not give up.

How I use Puppy Linux

I do professional design and complicated stock and accounting work, yet I use Puppy Linux for everything. I have no idea why your would risk connecting to the Internet with Windows or have the patience to wait for programs to open or not (not responding) or the whole OS slow down over time? Or spend so much cash on a Mac even if you can. There are better charities than Apple computer.

Programs I use with ‘woof’ ‘woof’ PuppyLinux are:

  • Office: LibreOffice – for Wordprocessing and spreadsheets
  • For Images: I like the online photo editor called Pixlr but sometime use Gimp – for web design, but I also play with Pinta
  • Web stuff:Firefox and Thunderbird and I sync these so I have the same bookmarks and passwords as Windows.
  • Phone – Skype
  • Videos – VLC media player
  • Voice over – Audacity
  • There are endless other programs, in fact all the Ubuntu programs plus Wine which can run all your windows programs.

One last question: Have you ever been forced to restart your computer with Windows?

Did I convince you that it is the best operating system in the world as well as being the fastest? If you have questions ask. Here is where you can learn more and try Puppy and download Puppy Linux.



How to travel with kids

I am an American that lives in Europe and travels the world. I am also a father and I always travel with my family. The purpose of this post is to write about how to pack for a trip for children. In this post you will learn:

  • The form of entertainment for kids during travel.
  • Basics of packing which are really common sense, however, one travel tip you might already do.
  • How to relax before and after the trip so your trip is easy.

The first rule is, your children come first. That means you pack based and travel based only on their needs and your needs are secondary. I have traveled for weeks with only changing my underwear and a tooth brush. You do not need a lot as an adult. However, children are another story.

There are two parts to packing for a trip for children.

  • Functional component
  • entertainment component

Traveling with kids – the entertainment part

They are both equally important depending on the age of your child. After about the age of seven kids are at the age of reason and entertainment can be simply a book or a small computer game device.

Before the age of seven it is very hard to find something that is entertaining all the time. This is why I recommend a palmtop or ipod or netbook. Even with children under the age of one you can load it up with videos from baby TV and YouTube. If you need information how to do this just let me know. My net-book has a 11 hour battery life.

I tried to bring Legos and other traditional toys, it was a waste. Too complicated for a trip. Books are often too heavy. This is why I recommend a simple portable electronic device.

Traveling with kids – the packing part

Packing you already know:

  • Undergarments are the most important including diapers.
  • Some to clean them with is very important also. I take a  basic natural soap. I do not like soap and things with  too much perfume. Kids are sensitive to these even if you are not. You do not need to take all the hair conditioners and soaps you have at home. Just buy some very good quality natural things, like Burt’s Bee products for example, sold at any CVS.
  • Extra clothes in case you have a child under 2 and their clothes get messed up
  • Baby formula, baby food, extra bottle in case they drop it. Pacifier
  • Little pillow or teddy bear for them to sleep on.

My one tip about packing is cleaning your house and doing all the wash before you leave. If you do this you will come home to a spotless home and feel good about it your whole trip. I also pay all bills in advance and add extra money on my Visa. Photocopy all important documents like insurance etc.

The truth is never seen in the beginning or the end but always the whole – Hegel.  Therefore , all parts of your trip are important from before you leave to when you come back.

How to relax on a trip and before

If you try these things your travel will feel different. Especially the salt bath.

My two secrets  for traveling are:

  • Chamomile
  • Magnesium salt bath

Use these for you or your kids before your trip. Believe me I have flow 100s of times.  I know what I am talking about.

If you are on a train or a plain I take chamomile tea. I am a big believer in vitamins etc, but there are few things that I trust for safety like chamomile.  You could take capsules too.  Of course I am not a doctor, only my personal experience. Other things I seriously question the safety.

Some people like to stay up late before the trip and sleep during the trip. I highly recommend against this. I recommend everyone sleep as much as possible before traveling. Traveling is very stressful on your body. Sleep before the trip as much as you can.

I take an Epsom salt bath. I use lots of magnesium salt not just one handful.  This will help you and your kids relax that night and all the next day. Do not use anything with colors or perfumes, just pure magnesium salt.

When you are back use the same two things to relax and detoxify as traveling is very stressful on your body.

Please let me know your experiences with traveling with children and how you pack and prepare.

How to pack for a trip

Learn how to pack for a trip in the most efficient way

I am a seasoned traveler. I was a business consultant and traveled five days a week. I know travel a lot as I am a dual citizen of the US and EU and love to travel. I have learned a lot about how to pack for a trip.  I would like to share this with you. I have four stories here about life and packing your bags.

Pack for a trip with the idea of less is more

The wisdom of less is more is applies to packing. Let me give you tell you four stories and you will get the idea. The you can decide if you really travel light.

Luggage as a consultant -Story one

When I was a consultant I packed my suitcase with everything I needed once a week. All my shampoos and workout clothes and a change of clothes for the week. When I got back home I unpacked and did wash all Saturday. I would bring a couple books to read for the plan and the hotel room. Further the traveling was harder because my bags were heavy. After a few years all I brought was a change on t-shirts and underwear. I wore a wrinkle free white shirt and khakis. I would pack a tooth brush and toothpaste. Nothing else. I would put this in my laptop bag. Therefore, there were no bags to check or collect. I would just carry this and for five days I was set. In the Hotel I read the Bible or went to sleep. It was a much simpler way to pack.

Do not pack at all – Story two

Story number two about packing My friend George Wheat and I were going out of the country for a long weekend, before I met my wife. He is a childhood friend and I have learned a lot from him. This is the way he packed. He slept in is jeans and a t-shirt and stood up and said I will be out in the car. Nothing else. I said what about the bathroom?  He said he would use the bathroom at the airport and at the hotel they have a toothbrush. He took nothing and packed nothing. He said it is more fun that way. You can enjoy life more.

We had a great time exploring this foreign country with nothing to fetter us down and did not miss anything. When we got back home, there was nothing to wash or clean or unpack. So after this story can you say you travel light?

On the plane the best thing to do is cross your arms and close your eyes and just kind of space out or sleep. Do not busy yourself with work or watching the movie. Save your energy and rest your eyes for when you get to your destination. I do not care if you are a girl or a guy or going to another country. You do not need to pack much. Mainly just a couple of pairs of under garments and a toothbrush. Nothing else and your trip will be a lot more fun.

Feng Shui your vacation – Story three

Why can I write this? I have traveled more than almost anyone reading this. The less you have the more you enjoy your trip because you shed all the things that are nothing more than your grown up version of security blankets. When I got rid of all the things I owned when I lived in Boston it opened up the possibility of a new life. I read some Feng Shui books and did just this.  Then I moved to Europe where I have lived for many years. I felt weight down by my stuff in the USA which was really just baggage holding me back.  Now I have new stuff, but the point is, if you need a lot of stuff there is something psychologically holding you back in your life.

Traveling with children – Story four

If you have children you need a couple more items for them, but do not much. We just got back from a 30 hour trip with my 17 month old. We packed toys she did not play with. All I needed was to show he videos from my computer we downloaded from YouTube and home videos. Or play with her with the cups and forks and talk with her and play simple games with our hands and voice. Remember when you are packing anything you think you might need you can get when you are at your destination, and probably a lot cheaper, unless you are going to Switzerland or something.

Therefore, the rule for packing is pack nothing or little. This is how you pack for a trip. After reading my for travel packing stories tell me what you think. Also, let me know how you pack for your trip.