English lessons by Skype

Are you looking online for English lessons by Skype? I am a native speaker in English and have taught the English language to foreigners for ten years with excellent results. I have countless hours of experience in class and private instruction.

I can help you learn English fast without leaving your home. No driving to classes or rigid schedule. I can focus on business English or to help you prepare for something specific.

If you think you are not good with languages or English, believe me you are. I teach and learn languages. I know how hard it seems. But with me you will make real progress.

Why am I the best teacher of English for you?

  • Students make real progress with my lessons.
  • I can focus on what you need. If you need help with a job interview or just grammar and conversation I can help. I can focus on business, medical, legal, IT English or your specific needs. Why? I am just not an English teacher but have had years of experience in business, as well as being well read and versed in many subjects.
  • We can do the lessons with the video on or off. I think off is better in most cases, as it is about verbal skills.

What is the price of your English lessons on Skype?

  • My price is $20 dollars for 60 minutes. For a native speaker with this much experience I think you will find this – cheap English lessons online.
  • When you are ready – you just reserve a time and pay by PayPal.
  • Write me at markbiernat@yahoo.com – Ask questions or anything you need.

More stuff to know about learning English online

  • I like Skype because it is free and if used in the right way is as effective as meeting in person.
  • Focused conversation is a very good way to practice grammar. I learned English by speaking, writing and reading and this is what you will do with me. Unless you love to do grammar drills you will make better progress with my method of ESL teaching.

Business English online

Although I teach on all levels from beginner, intermediate , advanced and proficiency and also children, I specialize in real world business English. I have a Masters in Economics and work in management for some of the largest companies in the USA and Europe. I know accounting, investing, IT to a very in-depth level as well as management, sales and negotiation skills. All these can be refined.

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  1. The world is moving so fast, we need not to go any classes for learning, sit at home at time comfortable to you and Learn English online.

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