How Puppy Linux can save your life

Puppy is a Linux Operating system (debatable) – how can it save your life?  I am not talking about helping you restore you computer, mind you but you. It can save you or help you personally like it did me. Let me tell you a story.

Puppy Linux save help
Puppy Linux is a super hero. I am thankful for the community for developing this program that helped me though a rough time.

How Puppy Linux helped me back to life

Back in 2010 I was living in Europe as an expat and one afternoon I had an unfortunate encounter with some local drinking guy. The local police and even the us embassy had a lackluster response to say the least. To make a long story short after a week in the hospital and a year plus of recovery I learned a lot

About patience. Patience in letting life heal me.

In my healing, I needed to find something that was fun, not work and mentally challenging. PuppyLinux was what I found. PuppyLinux was something that would give me a tool that when I returned to health, it also had the side benefit of utility that would jet pack me to the next level of computing. With Puppy Linux I could play and not feel I was wasting my time. Also something good for me ego.

What can Puppy Linux can give you?

Any aspiring entrepreneur or anyone who can not afford the top of the line computer, does not need to spend money. Take your oldest computer from the closet and use Puppyllinux and it will be better than any high priced computer. If you do not have one, buy something used.  I have a $3,000 Mac and I use PuppyLinux more.

What did Puppy Linux give me?

  • UberGeek factor – I know all this sounds trivial, but in using the computer. Something that would give me the feeling in an innocent way that I was a super geek, you know on par with the guys you see featured in the big bang theory. So it helped my ego after all this trauma.
  • Speed – Why buy a Mac? Why get Windows 8, I already know that Puppy Linux will be faster. You can take the most powerful Mac computer in the world, and it will not load an application as fast as Puppy Linux.
  • Great security – A company I work for just got their credit card stolen. I am sure it would not have happened if they use Puppy Linux for online banking like I do.
  • I would never have to really buy a computer again – unless I really wanted to. I could use Puppy Linux and not have have to keep up to the latest and greatest gadget that comes out because Puppy is always being updated. The anticipation creates the same human emotions as when the next Mac comes out but cost me a lot less. Plus Puppy Linux loads faster and is more secure than a Mac computer.
  • Cool Alternative software – Even if I am not using PuppyLinux I have been introduced to an array of useful software that can be used in the Windows environment. For example, why use Office when there is LibreOffice, or AbiSoft or Gunmaric. Puppy allows you to use GIMP which will load fast without spending a fortune on Photoshop.
  • It made me more cloud oriented – I believe almost everything now days can be done with the browser of your choice and LibreOffice. Now Puppy Linux comes with all the any program you can imagine mind you. For example, you can use Pinta, a clone, or Gimp a Photoshop replacement or mypaint which is a Beautiful Linux free hand drawing program, but you do not even need to when there are websites like Pixlr. I basically clean off my Puppy desktop and install and use a browser.

It gave meet something to play with all summer while I was laying on my sofa recovering. Something that was not work, yet productive. So I am thankful I found Puppy Linux.

So in a sense Puppy Linux was one of the things that saved my life.


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  1. I think most readers would like to know which country it was where you got nowhere with the authorities.

    I have been following Puppy Linux for some time, but only lately have I decided to go ahead and put it to work. Oddly, it took a lot of poking around to find what looks like the definitive how-to on putting a bootable version of Puppy Linux onto a flash drive. What I take from it applies to Windows 8 PCs only.

    Even more than learning more details about your misfortune in Europe, your readers would, I think, like to learn more about replicating, step by step, what you are talking about regarding Puppy. The following tinyURL takes one directly to the second of two versions of Puppy which can go first to a folder on hard drive in a Win8 PC (I suggest c:\users\owner\Lucid_Puppy) and then be copied over to flash: . (The other is Slacko.)

    I’ve prepared a .pdf which inserts additional necessary details not covered in the link I cite above.

    Sincerely, Erik-Nils

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