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How do I know about SEO in Poland?  I am an American that lives in Krakow, Poland, I am also Polish. Do I do Search Engine Optimization in Poland? Sometimes, I do not do this directly, its more of a hobby for me. Therefore, I have a pretty good idea of the SEO  consulting scene in Poland.

I have a pretty good feel for the effectiveness of using a firm that does search engine marketing Poland and the cost. I know both languages and I know the market and prices as well as the effectiveness of the different types of marketing and IT companies in Poland.

There are three types of SEO firms in Poland

  • Artistic Polish marketing firms
  • Advanced coders
  • Polish SEO firms that know both

Kraków, Poland for example is a techy hub.  It has over 100,000 students from all over the world and many study IT.  Poles are very good with IT for some reason, I think it comes from the fact that the communist governments always pushed technical universities or Eastern Europeans are just gifted in such things.  The founder of Google.com of course was Russia. Therefore, Kraków SEO is pretty advanced, but you have to know who to choose.

Polish marketing

Living in Krakow, I see many traditional online marketing firms. The best artists in the world in terms of flash and design and conception are in Poland.  These are very talented people with innovative ideas. However, the issues is these artsy firms are traditional marketing companies, that is if you want a business card or brochure or even a cool flash site, then your all set, but they are the worst when it comes to SEO in Poland. Do not use artists and marketing companies for search engine optimization in Poland or Krakow.

These firms are organized by young artists, many in Kraków or Warsaw and their art and websites looks fantastic. However, from a search engine spider perspective they are weak.

Sometimes behind the flash search engines can not even find text or content.  This is so basic yet I see many marketing firms in Krakow not understand this. However, for design they are second to none. I have tried to explain it to them but they have artistic minds and do not want to listen.

Coding geeks in Poland

On the other hand, I see companies that are very techy and code oriented. If you want an ecommerce shop or anything very complex, these are the guys who can do it, in any strange computer code or language you need it done in.  Polish programmers are better than anyone you might find in the west for the lower price. But again they do not directly understand the SEO market in Poland. This is the main problem.  They understand how to write code but not the big picture even if they tell you they do. Further, from a design perspective they are just ok. However, for functionality they will do the job. Some how the artists and the coders are like from two different worlds and they do not understand

Poland SEO that is effective

The firms that know and use WordPress or other CMS systems in Poland for SEO are pretty much in the know.  They do not try to trick search engines rather they build a framework where users can drop content in it.

If you want some consulting I can help, just write me.

If you are looking for CSS work: One of my friends Adam optimized the code for onet.pl (the largest portal in Poland).  I teach him English and he in my opinion is a power guru.  But he is more a CSS guru.  He can also work to set up a beautiful theme if you are looking for a CSS expert with lower Polish prices.

I am not in the Polish SEO business directly but write me if you need help. Let me know if you ever meet some who has a website that gets 5-10 k visitors on it a day, I do not think there are many. This is what I g and I can help you.  Write me at markbiernat@op.pl  or I can set you up with someone I trust.

The problem with pricing and Polish SEO

On one hand the firms are very cheap or at reasonable for the amount of work they do.  They will not rip you off at all.  I do not feel confident about many SEO firms around the world, but Polish firms are honest.

However, a lot of their pricing is based on per keyword on a month to month basis for ranking high.  That means they do not do flat fee consulting too often.  It is

not worth it to them. They are very reasonably priced, but you do have to pay every month.  They would rather make a little every month than take large fees.

WordPress and Polish SEO

WordPress is popular in Poland but I would say not as popular as in the the USA for example.  I think a lot of Polish guys use other platforms from CMS Made simple to Drupal and Joomla. But if you ask them to do it they will work with you with WordPress no problem, they are not as mesmerized by WordPress as I am.

SEO in Poland, Ukraine and Russia compared

Poland is your best deal.  Why? Russia is as expensive as the USA or the UK.  They market to the west with western prices. In Ukraine SEO is developed but I think like in Russia you do not get your best value. Poland has Polish prices (non Euro, but rather Polish złoty), EU and western laws and way doing business.  SEO in Poland is the best deal all around.

4 Replies to “Poland SEO consulting”

  1. Hi Marek,
    I have the same opinion about SEO companies in Poland. The most webmasters probably don’t have technical background. It doesn’t help to make good SEO. For IT guys SEO – it is fun, they have many more ‘important’ tasks. Many marketers think, that SEO is based on Google AdWords. Small number of people in Poland are aware, that true SEO needs technical knowledge, imagination and analytical thinking. The only way to teach what is SEO, it is interesting blog for them like yours.

  2. I see many guys with modest websites on many levels, but with imagination as well as techical skills they succed.

  3. There are some companies in Krakow with good SEO. Try to find and research and you will find one. They have a good knowledge and experience of international e-Marketing.

  4. Agreed, there are some smart techy people in Poland and now that it has been an EU country for almost ten years, it has an international flair. However, one issue with SEO is that with the latest changes in the algorithms with Panda and Penguin, creating a good page that engages the readers seems to be the ultimate goal of optimization. If you can engage and keep readers natural search engine traffic will follow.

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