The best operating system in the world is also the fastest – Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is the fastest and best OS in the world and my primary OS. It beats Windows, 7 and 10, by a mile, not to mentioned Macintosh OSX. This is a bold statement but I have a top of the line Mac and it is true. It also works great with netbooks and old computers as the requirements are small.

  • I have not had Windows installed on any of my computers for years. My whole family uses Linux and my artistic wife remarks, why would anyone not use Linux, it is stable and easy.

Currently I am using Slacko 6.3 version of Puppy Linux on my mobile computer.    On my home office and gaming computers I use Linux Mint.  The Mac I bought to do professional recording, but have since learned you can do it on Linux. I do not care if Windows is free, Puppy Linux is faster, more secure and stable.

Do want to accomplish more, have more free time, have fun working on your computer? I did and I do. You can work at light speed and be limitless with this a unusual OS that actually gives you free time because of its speed.

Puppy Linux operating system best

Why not use the most secure, fastest and most stable operating system in the world?

I created a short list of reasons you need to try this world-class operating system. It was not created by a large company, but my a visionary man, Barry Kauler, and gives he gives it to the world for free.

I have tried every version of Windows and most versions of Linux and played with Mac.

Why use Puppy Linux?

The reasons I use Puppy Linux are:

  • Speed. There is no faster OS on earth. Software programs load into your RAM and therefore open instantaneously. This results in increased productivity and efficiency and less aggravation. Hence, you have more free time and happiness.
  • Safety – I rarely chance connecting to the Internet with Windows. Why risk it? You could get all kinds of personal information stolen. Ignorance is bliss until you have someone steal important things. This means headaches. On the other hand, Puppy Linux is perfect for online banking. Strong security as nothing is stored on your hard drive unless you set it to. Therefore, Puppy Linux is the safest operating system you can get.
  • Compatibility – I do pretty heavy-duty design and business work on Puppy. There is nothing that I can do with Windows that I can not do with Puppy Linux. No program that Linux does not now have something equal or better. It is a bold claim and even 3 years ago it could not be made, but not, it is reality.
  • Easy of use – I find it easier than Windows. The install take about five minutes and in 30 minutes fully customized, but you can use it in 5. No need to look for drivers or other things, Puppy does it for you. It does everything from printers to video card with a set up wizard. You might have to get use to where things are, but this is pretty easy. Remember when you learned Windows, how awkward everything was, it is good for your brain to learn a little. However, the newest versions are so close to windows it is not a problem. There are many tutorials and videos that make Puppy easy to learn.
  • Free from constant updates – How do you feel about your computer always doing automatic updates and other programs too. With Puppy Linux you have full control of this.
  • Saves money – You can take an old piece of junk computer with no real working hard drive and use Linux puppy and it will be faster, more secure and more stable than your friend who buy a candy colored computer for $3,000 dollars. Also you do not need to buy all the expensive programs.
  • Looks great – I customized it and make it look like something from the future. The Puppy logo is cute also and has a story behind it. The creator of this OS is a man with a heart.
  • Portable USB OS – I put my Puppy Linux OS on a $5 dollar USB pen drive (the whole OS is under 150 MB) and carry important files where I do. I fly from the USA to Europe a lot and it is easier to take a Pen drive than a laptop. My OS on this drive instead of my whole computer. When I am at a friend’s house or in the USA, I boot up my computer and have my personal desktop and programs. And yes this is encrypted.
  • Recovers lost data – Your computer is broken, no problem. Puppy Linux can rescue data and do other great tricks where expensive OS systems fail. You win instant fame and status with your friends as a techy geek they want to know. It impresses girls also.
  • Cool factor – It examples your mind and works in ways other operating systems can not. You are part of a community of users that have a passion for innovation and being on the cutting edge.
  • You do not become outdated – Planned obsolescence irritates me. Macintosh is very big on making you think you need the latest and greatest as is Windows. In fact, they are coming out with Windows 8 and older systems will not be supported eventually. Every time you have to upgrade all your proprietary software. It is a never-ending cycle. Instead I just use Puppy Linux and Libre office, GIMP, Scribus etc. All free all getting better every month. Open source was once for the cheap and geeky, now it is for people who want cutting edge better software.
  • Open source is better – Companies have limited resources. This is economics. However, open source are driven by thousands of volunteers who are passionate about the project. It will be hard to compete eventually as momentum is growing and the open source software is getting better than the paid for. An example is Puppy Linux and how it is taking leaps, and not baby steps when it comes to innovation. Can you imagine Windows being on 150 MB and running fast and smooth and safe? It is really not even strictly a traditional Linux OS, but something else.
  • Language support – I work between a few languages. I can choose my interface as well as other keyboards in my languages. You need to get Windows premium for this.
  • OS stability – Does not crash on me.
  • Puppy community and forum – There is chat, forum, blog everything for almost instant help. Try getting that from any other OS (Most Linux systems have this but I am partial towards Puppy).
  • Free games – Lots of free games and free educational games for children. There is even a derivative called Arcade Puppy which is all about gaming. But the bottom line is your kids can have free games and so can you. It also has Wine a Windows emulator is there is a program you can not give up.

How I use Puppy Linux

I do professional design and complicated stock and accounting work, yet I use Puppy Linux for everything. I have no idea why your would risk connecting to the Internet with Windows or have the patience to wait for programs to open or not (not responding) or the whole OS slow down over time? Or spend so much cash on a Mac even if you can. There are better charities than Apple computer.

Programs I use with ‘woof’ ‘woof’ PuppyLinux are:

  • Office: LibreOffice – for Wordprocessing and spreadsheets
  • For Images: I like the online photo editor called Pixlr but sometime use Gimp – for web design, but I also play with Pinta
  • Web stuff:Firefox and Thunderbird and I sync these so I have the same bookmarks and passwords as Windows.
  • Phone – Skype
  • Videos – VLC media player
  • Voice over – Audacity
  • There are endless other programs, in fact all the Ubuntu programs plus Wine which can run all your windows programs.

One last question: Have you ever been forced to restart your computer with Windows?

Did I convince you that it is the best operating system in the world as well as being the fastest? If you have questions ask. Here is where you can learn more and try Puppy and download Puppy Linux.