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Best website secret

Do you want to want have a successful website?  The secret to having a successful website:

  • Do not perceive yourself but the business owner.
  • Do not perceive yourself as a blogger.
  • Do not perceive yourself as somebody who does  SEO or has a pretty blog.
  • Do perceive yourself as a writer.  That is the secret to content.  That is self perception.

The secret to ranking high on the Internet is to imagine yourself as a writer not a website owner. Content not WordPress coding or design will get the attention of search engines.

Blogging and CMS is designed for content

Many people ask me how do they rank high on the Internet.  The answer is be a writer, tell yourself you are a writer.  Think of  yourself as a professional writer. You will become what you think you are and how you see yourself.  If you see your job as a creator of content, and not a WordPress blog owner, your actions will start to support this.

You can even buy writing books and hang out with writers, read writing blogs and stop reading techy blogs. However, my recommendation is be a practical writer, rather

than an abstract writer, because most people on the web are searching for information about something useful.

The reason is the Internet is still primarily a text-based tool.  Search engines analyze text.  If you don’t have content on your WordPress blog or website,

then you will not rank high.

What is good website Content?

I believe two things determine good content. The first thing is use natural writing.  The second thing is quantity.  Many people will disagree with me on this.  I have to admit that writing efficiently can be effective, however, writing about many things in great detail and with the purpose of being a value to others, in addition to efficiency is the best combination.

Let me tell you a story. When I was in high school I read a book on how to take an essay test.  One of the main points of the book was during an essay test you should write as much as possible.

We would all like to believe that quality is better than quantity, however when it comes to test taking, quantity is important. I tested this theory myself and the exams which I wrote at great length in detail and supported my thesis that quantity matter.  The  performance was significantly better than on  the exams I tried to be simply efficient and straight to the point. I think if you are to short you assume too much from the reader.

Web content theory was tested on my blogs

The same thing I tested on the Web.  Content that was rich with support and detail and well thought out in structure ranked high.  However, Short posts were general

did not rank at all. Test it yourself.  Write two posts, one rich in content lets say over 1000 words and one about 250 words.  Tell me which WordPress content will rank higher.

I am not saying you should add filler or junk to your content.  I’m saying be efficient in your initial opening statement, then backed up your argument with detail

support and explanation.

The main thing is stopping thinking you are an Internet person and start thinking and seeing yourself as a writer.  Tell you so you are a writer.  Tell your friends that you are a writer. This is what you do for work, you write.

As a writer you have a responsibility to others who have held this title of writer to write in a creative way, a valuable way and an interesting way. If you do this people will come to website.

Blog content that is well written will not need any special SEO to rank high.

Why? Search engines rank new content high for a very short time.  If people like it and stay on your page the search engines will rank it high in the long run.  They look at user behavior.

If you have an Internet shop, write about your products in great detail that is of value. Do not just name the product, tell its good and weak points to help people make fair choices.  This is good WordPress content.

It does not matter that your objective is to market something or sell, what matters is you surround your product with content.  If you are a successful writer than, the text on your site will attract search engines and people. Your reward will be they will come back and visit again.

The way search engines will be in the future is focused on natural language. The objective of a search engine is to replicate human behavior on the web. People will basically think and act the same way as search engines and visa-versa. Right now it is governed by user behavior in relation to text.

Therefore, stop focusing on SEO and become a good writer. Stop reading too much about SEO and changing your website and write content for your  blog.

Most people say to me “I want to rank high for these Google keywords“.  They ask me, can I get them in the top ten in Google, maybe 1 or 2.”  “I ask them why does your e-commerce site deserve to be number 1 in Google?  What have you done to deserve this?” And further, to get lots of traffic, in you need to rank high for like 50 keywords not one.  I tell them this yet still, often people who have these e-commerce sites want me to make them rank high in Google for something like a keyword ‘iphones’.  I charge 10,000 usd a month and then maybe I will not be motivated to do it.  Really.   But for the 69 USD I will tell you how to do it yourself. But you have to work if you want good rankings in any search engine.  Why? There is no way I will make some one else rich, and do all the work, and study for years to learn how to do it, and just do it for you.  And I can promise you any outsource cheap firm will not do it for you either and they do not have the SEO skills I have. If you want to get traffic to your site you need to get your hands dirty and work.

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  1. As search engines become more advance they try to replicate what is natural and useful to the human mind. It is better to focus on how to be a good writer for a human brain than a SERP. At least, writing for the web than trying to write for search engines as these will be basically the same and in the what is good for SEO today might be bad next year.
    However, since search engines are focusing more on factors like observed human behavior like time on site and bounce rate, than focus on humans. Once you have a good SEO structure of onsite design in place.

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