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I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe  for many years. When I first came to Eastern Europe I thought I would find a search optimization genius at a low price. Why, because Russians, Ukrainians and Poles are brilliant IT people, the founder of Google after all is from Russia. Further, I thought poorer country would mean lower prices.

What I found out is, Ukrainian firms are good and professional. However, any Ukrainian firm that is good, charges a little less than American firms, but not by much, I would say 30 percent less.  This is because it is a European country and the world is global. I live in Eastern Europe and it was hard even for me to find someone. I learned SEO myself.

The problem is most of the SEO firms in Ukraine are more for Ukrainians. Why? This is because of the language. The bottom line is, I think Ukrainians that market to the west charge more than local firms in Ukraine. The ones that do not charge a lot work mostly with Ukrainian and Russian language people. The best deals in search engine marketing are always connected with the local and not international market. So if you speak Ukrainian you will be all set. If you do not I suggest the following.

How to look for a Ukrainian SEO firm if you do not speak Ukrainian. I  think from Russia to Ukraine, from Kiev to Crimea you have many talented technical IT guys. You just have to be patient and find out how to access them, maybe via  Slado is a the largest Ukrainian classified board I found. You can use Google translate to guide you.

What is the secret to making money online and search engine optimization anyway?

I think the answer to how to make money is found in an idea from ancient times. What? What about modern business theory and all the blogs on how to make money online.   My answer is those are nice, but they are not really going to give you the road map of how to make money.

Why not? Either because the people giving you advice have made money by accident and could not replicate it in another field or they do not tell you the way to make money as they are afraid they will lose out to competition.

What about you? The site you are reading is my smallest site and for fun.

So what is the secret to making money or making money online?

In most cases I think most people do not need an SEO firm. They can about it on the web.  However if there was a it would be from the the ancients:  “the imagination is where the divine resides.”  What, is this something like a Da Vinci code wisdom minute?  No. It simply means your real power as a human given to you from above is found in your imagination.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get people to come to your website, you need to be imaginative.   People want interesting content. Everyone writes the same old same old. Be shocking unique and interesting and beautiful. If your brain needs a jump start for creativity try

If you have done onsite SEO on your WordPress blog or site and your swinging away with content but still not getting traffic.  Than your content stinks I am sorry.  Really.

Try doing something really amazing.  Spend a day in a forest just dreaming up ideas or on the beach. Next spend a week writing one good piece of content, which could include a video or images or something very useful and free, then you will see people starting to link to you.

Then you will see your traffic pick up.

Then you will understand the secret to SEO is in imagination.  Use your imagination to write good content which in turn will make you money. Then after you make your money, you can use some of it for doing good in the world in gratitude.

The best Ukrainian search engine optimization consultant

I am an American, however, I am also Ukrainian in background. If you are looking for an SEO in Ukraine or an SEO in general, consider me. I am very good and one of websites is about 100k Alexa.  I am trustworthy and I am fair in my price. Write me at if you have interest. I am trustworthy.

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