To make WP more social I have months been plugging and unplugging adds ons to WP . This is an honest post that does not tell you I have the answers, rather what I have been doing and what I think might be a solution.

gravatars social network

Above could be a Tikiman Gravatar - The key to make your WordPress site social is social is not bloated plugins and major extensions, they never work for me, but a gravatar comment based community.

These are a few of the plugins I have tried to extend my WP sites to a community

I have explored every possible combination of plugins and extensions to WordPress to make it more interactive or more like a WordPress social networking website. As discussed ad nauseum with an SEO expert David Law who creates the WP Stallion theme,  if you increase the complexity of a website arithmetically – incrementally (such as with registration), visitor interaction drops exponentially.

wordpress social network interaction

WP foums like activity is easy to create, however, to make it a network where people come back and interact is something else.

Therefore, unless you really are a wizard like Mark Zuckerberg and are lucky and one of the first one the wave, do not thinking having a plugin working will mean anything but headaches and pain. I know know reality bites, but I am here to tell you the truth not just some blah, blah mediore review of WordPress social networking. Social networking has a low success rate and can slow down your plans for  greater website.

A normal WordPress website to a social netowrking website

So for the guys in the trenches that want to just give their website a social spin I have concluded that BuddyPress and bbPress are not the formula for success I have been looking for. Nor buying a dating website plugin. There are a lot of light bbPress and BuddyPress sites out there as well as dating sites stuffed with fake profiles.

  • Compare the success rate of  blogs compared to dating and social sites out there. I think proportionally blogs have a better chance to succeed as the content created by the users via the comment system is more meaningful than some generic dating site profile or networking profile.

What I am now trying to do is just add a couple of simple features to make the interaction a little bit more social rather than revolutionize my website. These features are comment based. That is the center is all from the comment system.

My favorite ways to socialize a WP blog are:

  • Use the Stallion theme which has super comments encoded, so long comments that are meaningful can become something a search engine might recognizes.
  • Use Hovercards to leverage the WP Gravatar system.
  • use a creative design on and navigation on your website.  I am creating a social dating site with a normal WP install. I will add an example when I am done.

If anyone else has any ideas for increasing the social aspect of a WordPress Website let me know.  I have over 10,000 approved comments on my websites so I know I am not off base. I just want to have a bit more interaction.